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Keep Sounding: Panthers beat Cardinals, Cam Newton vs Ron Rivera

The Panthers shocked the world taking down the league’s best team. Now they host an old friend.

Brian and Brad are back for another edition of the Keep Sounding Podcast, but Jon decided that gallivanting around town was more important than talking about the Panthers with us. Despite their feelings being extremely hurt, Brian and Brad put on their game faces and did the show anyway, though it wasn’t the same without Jon being there. (It was probably better, to be honest.)

Topics on this week’s episode include:

  • Brian brags a lot about being right for picking the Panthers to win
  • Brad almost got the score right, but got the teams wrong
  • Cam Newton is back, and he scored two touchdowns last Sunday
  • The Panthers dominated the Cardinals, but didn’t have a ton of yards
  • P.J. Walker played well in his first start this season
  • The Panthers defense is really good this year
  • We get to hang out with a lot of old friends this week when the Panthers play Washington
  • Ron Rivera brought a lot of his assistant coaches from Carolina to Washington
  • Score predictions for Carolina vs Washington

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