Remember This Guy?

Upon considering the history of the Cardinals and Panthers, and which moments got overlooked, the 2010 win came to mind. Other than the fact the Panthers won the game, the other fact that got attention was how well Jon Beason played that day. There is not a lot of conversation about former first round pick Jon Beason and his short time in Carolina. But while he was at home in Carolina, he was a workhorse and a strong asset to the Panthers defense. He would give one hundred percent all the time and his effort was on full display. Jon Beason even said himself that he only knows one way to play and that is all-out high energy. He predicted his own career to be cut short by how much effort he gives. But that is a sign of his insight to himself as well as as a statement about his work ethic. He didn't miss a single game in his first four years. During that time he put in a good enough work to reach three Pro Bowls already.

It is understandable to overlook a good linebacker in Panthers history given how many linebackers the Panthers have had play well. Still, Beason was a great part of especially that 2008 underrated defense. Teaming with Thomas Davis, Mike Minter, Chris Gamble, and Julius Peppers, Beason was a test for opposing quarterbacks, even snatching a game-winning interception against Aaron Rodgers on a wild leap in an insane game. Honestly, that was probably even more athletic than Josh Norman's big grab against the Saints in 2015.

Feeling snubbed from not reaching the Pro Bowl in 2009, he returned to the All Star Competition the following year. There is not much to express how good Beason was for that team except to say that the Panthers were the worst team in the NFL and he still got the respect of the league.

Even though Beason was great for the Panthers and was a team captain for the Giants after the trade in 2013, it is not necessarily a mistake. The Panthers continued a defensive reign of success with Thomas Davis and Luke Kuechly. But he should be remembered in the fondness of Stephen Davis as a true Panther and teammate that expressed greatness into the tradition of the Panthers' success at his position. It's difficult now to find Panthers highlight reels of the linebacker. There was only one playoff run during his time in Charlotte unfortunately. But hey, he wore the same number as Ray Lewis and that was probably the correct call.

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