The Carolina Panthers Can Get An Upset Over Arizona

With all the elation and fire in Carolina over the return of some guy I'm supposed to remember, there is a loss game coming this Sunday. The Carolina Panthers visit the 8-1 Cardinals and it is a great opportunity to transform the direction of Carolina Panthers history. With a monster road upset sparked by the enthusiasm of showing fans and players a no-tolerance to quitting on the season, the Carolina Panthers may have the best game of the regular season. That only matters if the Panthers actually win this game of course.

The defense has the power to lead that. They are second in yards allowed per game. The Panthers are fifth in points allowed per game. 3rd in passing yards (2nd in passing yards per game) 8th in sacks 6th in total yards 10th in forced fumbles (even though the team only has three fumble recoveries) and tied in first place for the most safeties (with 1 but it still looks good on paper)

Even against the Patriots, the Panthers defense looked hungry. Having Thompson return from injury has felt as good as we think having Cam Newton back home is going to be. Mac Jones wouldn't feel the need to do a Burfict ankle twist if he felt good.

Beating the Cardinals is going to take a wild effort that the NFL is not ready to witness. Even if they do witness this great achievement, the Carolina Panthers win would only get dismissed by whatever is wrong with Arizona, such as Kyler Murray being injured or something. At least until they get more sense of a fresh start and new life in Carolina.

If the Panthers win, it's a big deal in a bizarre season. Maybe it's not too early to consider the impossible.

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