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Panthers place Sam Darnold on injured reserve

As expected, the Carolina Panthers have put their primary signal caller on injured reserve following his shoulder diagnosis.

NFL: New England Patriots at Carolina Panthers Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Following reports that Sam Darnold has a partially broken scapula, the Panthers have taken the expect step of placing him on injured reserve. Matt Rhule expects Darnold to miss 4-6 weeks, which is most of the rest of the season at this juncture.

From an offensive perspective, it seems that many fans were ready for a change at quarterback anyway. Darnold clearly needs time to try and get his mind right, and this is just the break he needs and we need. For now, the Panthers are planning to start P.J. Walker at quarterback, but they also recently signed journey Matt Barkley. Looking forward, it’s possible they may not be done as despite recent issues, the team still holds a 4-5 record. Some even venture that Cam Newton may be an option, though this writer still believes that ship has sailed across the ocean.

No matter what, myself and the rest of the CSR staff agree that we should probably go into evaluation mode and plan to not have Sam Darnold for the rest of the year. With the offensive injuries piling up, it is probably going to be tough sledding for whoever takes over at quarterback for the Panthers.