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Do you want the Panthers to bring Cam Newton back?

You know, if he’ll have them.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Carolina Panthers Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

The most entertaining question surrounding the Carolina Panthers at this point in their season is “Why don’t they bring Cam Newton back?” This article is by no means meant to be an argument for or against his return. We just want to know if you want the 2021 Panthers to sign him to ride out the season.

Face it, this is the fan argument because we all know that there isn’t an argument to be had about any quarterback currently on the roster. There also isn’t an original position to be had here. Thousands of people think Newton has not and will never return fully from the injuries that originally ended his career with the Panthers. Thousands more think he has never been given a fair shake at proving his current health. Don’t worry, fans. No matter how you feel about Newton, you are not alone.

We’re all here today to simply ask you if you want him back or not. The staff here at Cat Scratch Reader is fairly split. Some think his day is over. Some think he has a chance, albeit a small one, to be the Cam of old. Others still think that even a one-legged Cam with macular degeneration would be an upgrade over the current quarterback room.

It is widely assumed that some combination of David Tepper and Matt Rhule is too proud to give Newton a call right now. We generally agree with that assumption. This isn’t the start of some grass-roots letter writing campaign, just a simple poll to see where the fan base is.

So how about it, Panthers fans, do you want to see the 2021 Carolina Panthers sign Cam Newton as a quarterback to finish out the season?


Do you want the Panthers to sign Cam Newton?

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