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Keep Sounding: Panthers are losers of four straight, Falcons preview

Brian and Jon wallow in the pitifulness of the Panthers.

Brian and Jon go without Brad this week as he has other obligations that prevent him from doing the show. Not like he’s missing anything. The Carolina Panthers have been very bad for the last month, and even us recording a show to break the jinx couldn’t save them. Here’s what’s on the show:

  • Our comeuppance for using the back half of last week’s show to make fun of the New York Giants
  • More talk about the Panthers offensive struggles, because what else is there to talk about?
  • Sam Darnold’s continually deteriorating play and what it looks like is going on from an outside perspective
  • The lack of productivity of Robby Anderson and other supporting cast issues on the offense
  • Some stats that show how bad the offense has been and how the defense has been better than it maybe looks at a glance
  • Falcons preview, including talk about their improved play of late
  • Kyle Pitts is a nightmare
  • Panthers injury updates
  • Score predictions