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Keep Sounding: Panthers, losers of three straight, set to take on the Giants

We talk about the Panthers last three losses and make fun of the Giants.

The Keep Sounding Podcast is here to talk about the last three Carolina Panthers losses in preparation for a hopefully not fourth straight loss against the New York Giants. The Panthers won all three weeks we had a show, and they lost when we didn’t, so I think we all know what that means. Anyway, here’s what’s on the docket:

  • A quick summation of the Panthers three game losing streak
  • The biggest takeaway from the skid (hint: it rhymes with Dam Arnold) [Second hint: It’s Sam Darnold and I need to actually put his name in the post for the Googles]
  • The struggles of the offensive line and how much of that is to blame for the offensive inconsistencies
  • The Panthers refusing to score points in the third quarter unless they block a punt

We then transition to a preview of Sunday’s game against the New York Giants are bad and employee a fascinating general manager/head coach combo, so it’s really more just kind of laughing at them (as if we’re in a position as Panthers fans to look down upon anyone). Among those laughs are things like:

  • How poorly the Giants roster is constructed and how little it’s improved
  • Daniel Jones’ absurd home/road splits
  • The Giants injury woes (not like ha-ha funny but relevant to talk about)
  • The dejection of Giants fans
  • Score predictions