2015 Is Dead But the Panthers Are Living and Hungry

Panthers fans have some bad habits. We need to change some things about the culture of the organization. That's all. For a whole day, I was thinking that Sam Darnold was simply not getting the job done. I thought I'm glad the team took a chance. But like Bridgewater, it wasn't the right fit or whatever. No big deal. Let's move on to PJ Walker. See what he could do. I even joked that I wasn't crippled but I need a Walker. It wasn't too costly to take a chance on Darnold. But at least he wasn't about to be an expensive sellholdout that cost the team up to half a decade of Christian McCaffereys and Luke Kuechlys.

From the middle of the first quarter to the last few minutes of the fourth quarter, I was in the group that said it's time to rest Sam on the bench for a while. Even though I admit he played better in the second half than the first, the receivers were still disconnected by dropping passes and making their own shares of mistakes. Yes, Hubbard as good as he is doing needs some work done too. Then something amazing happened. Darnold threw a perfect pass from his own four yard line. It was dropped. Second and third down, good, catchable passes may as well have been volleyball spiked to the floor. 4th and ten. Four yard line. And then Darnold gets a first down. Eventually, another fourth down conversion later and 96 yards and the Panthers are in the endzone as you know. A whole game of playing awful football and Sam Darnold Tebows the Panthers into overtime.

Now I know something. The Panthers are not ready for 2021. But they're setting up for 2025. Matt Rhule is not a good coach yet. But watch what he can do. Sam Darnold is not Cam. But that's a good thing. If Cam had a game like Sam had, Newton would be done. Darnold keeps playing lousy and making big things happen near the end. When the coaching staff improves to a less predictable gameplan and learns the best ways to utilize their players, this team will be dangerous. It will be a long time for the Carolina Panthers to learn how to develop the chemistry necessary for longterm success. If the team quits too early on the players, it will be even longer. If the team quits too early on the coaches, it will be never.

So as a fan of the Panthers, let the team build for some time. The Panthers are building an army, not a swat team. A swat team kicks down doors and raids a building. An army razes entire villages and even countries. But they take much longer to develop. The swat team comes by surprise. A regiment is noticed from a distance. The Panthers were hoping for a surprise attack this season. It is clear the team is not strong enough to shock the league this year with a surprise Super Bowl run like the Panthers organized in 2003. Maybe they needed training camp in 2020. Maybe the Panthers made some wrong trades or something.

Even though the Panthers are not good yet, I am not ready to call for anyone's job like they're referees. Let's just relax, enjoy the victories that can be had, and see what happens in the long run.

This next statement is irrelevant but I need to say it. That facemask call where the Viking grabbed Sam Darnold's shoulder was a bogus call.

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