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Keep Sounding: Scott Fitterer, DeShaun Watson, draft strategies

The Panthers have a new general manager and he has a lot on his plate.

We’re here with our first offseason of the Keep Sounding podcast. There’s a good bit to get through, so here we go:

  • The Carolina Panthers have hired Scott Fitterer as their GM
  • Fitterer’s background and our opinions on him
  • Expectations of how a Fitterer-run front office will different from past front offices
  • The fruitlessness of using past drafts as a way to judge GMs or other front office personnel
  • There’s no such thing as a good drafter
  • Panthers former GM Marty Hurney is joining the Washington Football Team, but not as general manager
  • Their actual general manager still has close ties to Ron Rivera
  • Should the Panthers trade for DeShaun Watson and what would it take to get him
  • How the pursuit of Watson affects the Panthers draft strategy
  • How unlikely it is that the Panthers actually make the eighth selection in the 2021 NFL Draft
  • Other holes on the roster