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Keep Sounding: Football is BACK

Week 1 is here, believe it or not, and we get you prepped for it.

The Keep Sounding podcast makes its triumphant return to give you some real actual football content. Brian is absent for the week, so it’s just Brad and myself. In the first half of the show, we talk about:

  • All the new rules surrounding roster limits and injured reserve and practice squad players
  • The Carolina Panthers final roster
  • How difficult it’s been to keep up with the flurry of transactions over the last few days
  • Efe Obada
  • Bad questions in press conferences
  • Surprising cuts
  • My roster projection

The second half of the show:

  • Panthers vs. Raiders preview
  • The Raiders have the only wide receiver group that matches the Panthers secondary in terms of experience
  • How exciting it is going into Week 1 with absolutely no idea how the team will do or what they’ll look like
  • Expectations for the season as a whole
  • Score predictions for Week 1 and record predictions for the season

Since the season is underway and we’re about to give you regular weekly content, you might as well like us on Apple Podcasts or Spotify or any of the other podcasts that you can find at the link underneath the embed to keep up with us without having to wait for these posts.