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Panthers at Buccaneers: 5 Questions with Bucs Nation

Come get the low down on just how much Tampa Bay regrets becoming Tompa Bay (hint: there is room to grow on this one)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v New Orleans Saints Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers once again made an offseason of splashy free agent signings. This time they picked up the biggest free agent to hit the market since Peyton Manning signed with the Denver Broncos and then famously got carried to wherever it is they ended up. Let’s not talk about that any more.

Here to talk about the signings of Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, and more in exchange for their entire fanbases souls is Gil Arcia, general manager at Bucs Nation. Gil’s optimistic answers to my unbiased questions can be described as “facially accurate” as the Tampa Bay fans still appear to be in their traditional honeymoon phase with regards to their annual crop of free agent saviors. We here at Cat Scratch Reader are very much looking forward to checking back in our neighbors when we see them again in Week 10.

Without further ado, our interview:

The Carolina Panthers currently have $43M in dead money against the 2020 Salary Cap, while the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are paying Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski a combined $34M for this season. Which team is getting less for more?

The answer is a matter of seeing how the season transpires, or how the coming years unfold. Is Carolina building a contender for seasons to come? Will Tampa Bay be successful this season and still put things together after Brady and Gronkowski? On paper, before the season you can say that the Buccaneers are getting what they need now. But there is still a lot of football left and a lot of unanswered questions.

How does it feel knowing that, by signing Tom Brady, the Bucs have reinforced your state stereotype of taking in washed up northerners that no longer contribute to anyone’s happiness?

I don’t believe anyone called Brady washed up. There were questions about his arm, sure. However, in camp and in Week 1 he showed his arm strength is still there. The Patriots season ended on a low note last season which caused a lot of assumptions. There is still a lot of optimism surrounding the Buccaneers.

All jokes aside, the Buccaneers had another headline bleeding offseason. After all the ink has dried, do Tampa fans really think they’re going to do any better than, say, 9-7 this year?

I penned them in at 10-6 this season because there are a lot of uncertainties surrounding offensive success with a new quarterback, despite the name. There was also uncertainty around the carryover success from the defensive side of the ball. Fans are still high on the Bucs and after the defensive performance out of Week 1, I think fans are just waiting for THAT game where the offense can put things together consistently.

The hottest of takes are born between weeks one and two of the NFL season. Besides Tom Brady being washed up, what is the next biggest overreaction amongst Bucs fans after the opening loss to the New Orleans Saints?

I don’t think there was one bigger than that one and if there was, it would be a distant second. But one I saw that was being thrown out there was that this was the same old team.

Now, for actual football, Chris Godwin is in the concussion protocol and Mike Evans has been limited this week with a hamstring injury. Who is Brady going to look to absolutely embarrass the Panthers’ young secondary this week?

When talking to Canal Street Chronicles last week, I told them to keep an eye on wide receiver Scotty Miller. He showed a lot of potential last season as a rookie, but Jameis Winston didn’t know how to get him the football. In Week 1, we see who Brady likes getting the football to. I’d look for him to make an even bigger impact in Week 2.