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Carolina Panthers cut K Graham Gano, per reports

The Panthers are moving on from the veteran kicker according to an instagram post from Gano’s wife Brittany.

Update: The news has been confirmed by both Alaina Getzenberg and Joe Person.

The Carolina Panthers have decided to part ways with veteran kicker Graham Gano, according to an Instagram post from Gano’s wife Brittany.

Joe Person of The Athletic reports this will give the Panthers $2.8 million in salary cap relief, but will add another $1.5 million to their league-leading dead money pool.

This is one of those moves that everyone saw coming from a mile away. Gano missed the entire 2019 season with a knee injury, the team is currently rebuilding and they have already signed Joey Slye to a one-year contract extension. Since they don’t need to carry more than one kicker, and Slye is both younger and cheaper than Gano, there’s no reason to keep Gano on the roster.

The team has not made this move official yet, but when they do we’ll update the story to officially confirm the news. As always, stay tuned for updates to this developing story.