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Keep Sounding: We don’t like the Saints

It’s rivalry week at SB Nation, so there’s no better time to bash the Saints.

Brian and Brad are joined by David Walker (@FalcoholicDW on Twitter) and Jeanna Kelley (@jeannathomas on Twitter) from The Falcoholic as part of SB Nation’s rivalry week. Naturally, the conversation was dominated by all four of us talking about how much we hate the New Orleans Saints. Jeanna was only on for a few minutes before her feed mysteriously crashed, and while we can’t prove it I’d be willing to bet that a Saints fan had something to do with it.

We didn’t just talk about the Saints, though. (Let’s face it, they’re not THAT important.) Brian, Brad and DW talked about the friendly rivalry between the Carolina Panthers and Atlanta Falcons (we’re really frenemies, y’all), and we briefly talked about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (but only because they have Tom Brady at quarterback now). Oh, and we made fun of Jameis Winston too, because why wouldn’t we do that?

If you don’t like the Saints you’ll probably enjoy this episode, so give it a listen! And after you’re done, check out some of our previous episodes that are pretty good too.