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Carolina Panthers sign first round pick Derrick Brown to 4-year, $23.6 million deal

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The Carolina Panthers have ponied up the green for Brown.

Outback Bowl - Minnesota v Auburn
Raise your hands if you just got PAIIIIIID
Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

ESPN’s Adam Schefter is reporting that the Carolina Panthers have officially signed their first round pick, Derrick Brown. Brown, a defensive tackle from Auburn, inked the usual four year deal that every first round pick gets, with the usual fifth-year team option, and the deal is worth $23.621 million.

What is a little unusual is the fact that the money is fully guaranteed. With Drew Rosenhaus as his agent, Brown was sure to get a pretty good contract despite the rookie wage scale being in place. The first round picks from 2019 averaged around $17 million in guaranteed money, while Brown will reportedly be guaranteed all of his $23 million plus.

Derrick Brown is the first Panthers draft pick to sign with the team, and he is also the first first-round pick to sign with any team so far. Brown is expected to have an immediate impact on the defensive line, and will be relied upon to improve what was a woeful run defense last season. After taking “Big Money” Charles Johnson’s old number 95, he has some big shoes, and now a big contract, to fill.