Rumor mill alert? Who stays & who goes? The Moore versus Samuel saga!

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Well Panthers Nation,

Apparently there are a few rumors floating around regarding Samuel & DJ Moore, our starting wide receivers from last season. With all the recent free agent signing(s) of the likes of S. Roberts, P. Cooper, K. Kirkwood, D. White & Robby Anderson (true #1 WR we have needed for years) the depth chart is overly crowded and we are apparently poised to make a move to trade someone for draft pick compensation most likely in the not to distant future.

Curtis Samuel - 25% chance being traded

16 games 85.8% of snaps 627 yards w/ 6 touchdowns

UFA 2021 - $6.5 AAV according to Spotrac

Apparently the Samuel trade could be anyone's guess, or just a mere suggestion rumor at this point " but we are not shopping him according to We must like Samuel's speed more then the route running and YAC abilities of DJ Moore. Plus, I guess we believe we can retain Samuel's services even on the short term more than we will be able to keep and retain Moore's.

DJ Moore - 50% chance being traded

15 games 81.8% of Snaps 1175 yards 4 touchdowns

UFA 2022 - ??? AAV ??? (Most likely around $8-$9 million per year)

DJ Moore is apparently getting a lot of interest from the Eagles' front office. Moore had over 1,100 yards and is only 22 years old with two years of team control left on his current contract. Why would we move him well here is the answer outside of resigning him to a bigger contract. Moore is not as electric as his stats may seem. He is more of a slot guy , doesn't have explosive quick burst but is consistent with the ball with regard to route running and YAC. However fumbles and inability to be the stud WR we thought we were getting two years ago is disappointing. Granted w/ a backup QB he put up big yardage numbers but he & Samuel both will never be a M. Evans, M. Thomas, J. Jones type of marquee WR that all the other teams in the NFC South have. AKA you do not have to game plan for Samuel or Moore to over take a game like the guys mentioned above sad but this is true as both WR's sit today.

This article below makes an argument for both to trade for Moore and not to however with Moore's Philly ties who knows where this could lead. Also, Rhule tried to recruit DJ Moore to come to Baylor and play for him and more declined, so could there be more to this then meets the eye. Does Moore clearly not want to be a part of a Rhule run football team ???

DJ Moore could be a great addition to the Eagles I just wonder what we could get for him maybe a second rounder & 3rd round ? Or newly signed Nickell Robey-Coleman and a draft choice like a 3rd rounder ??? One year one million for Coleman is a steal of a contract for him graded out as No. 19 Overall CB from PFF out of 128 qualifying players and we desperately need CB's b/c Jackson is hardly a lock to start and only other DB's we have are C. Luke , N. Jamerson and C. Elder .

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Eitherway one clearly is going to go so who would you trade Samuel or Moore ???

Vote on the poll below and comment and tell me what you think both are worth via trade in picks, players or both.

Go Panthers

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