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Carolina Panthers expected to sign wide receiver Seth Roberts, per report

The Panthers are adding a veteran presence to their wide receiver corps.

The Carolina Panthers are expected to sign free agent wide receiver Seth Roberts, according to a report from NFL insider Ian Rapoport. Financial terms for the deal are not available at this time.

Roberts will likely slot into the No. 3 or No. 4 spot on the depth chart to replace the recently departed Jarius Wright.

It’s really difficult to have an opinion one way or the other about this move right now because we don’t know the financial details of the deal. Assuming this isn’t some weirdly insane three-year, $40 million contract, I don’t see much downside to bringing in a guy like Roberts to be a physical presence at wide receiver. He’s not going to take much playing time away from Curtis Samuel or DJ Moore (assuming both of them stay on the roster, that is), and the Panthers need to have some veteran leadership in the locker room. My best guess on the number is probably somewhere in the two-year, $12-ish million range. I could be wrong on that, but I think that’s a pretty decent guess.

Stay tuned for updates to this story as we’ll provide them when they’re available.