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Carolina Panthers sign Tre Boston to three-year, $18 million contract

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The Panthers are bringing back an old friend to play safety on a three-year deal.

The Carolina Panthers have re-signed veteran safety Tre Boston to a three-year, $18 million contract — with $9.5 million of the deal coming in the first year — according to a report from NFL insider Adam Schefter.

When the Panthers signed Juston Burris to a 2-year contract for $8 million yesterday, I speculated that it probably meant the end of Boston’s tenure in Carolina. I was clearly wrong about that. On one hand, Boston is familiar with the team, is a leader in the locker room and the money isn’t terrible. On the other hand, how does bringing Boston back for three more years make the team better? I’m not quite sure it does, but given everything that’s happened today I’m not quite sure about anything at the moment.

As always, stay tuned to CSR for any updates to this crazy, insane free agency period. We’ll be sure to drop more news whenever it happens.