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The Carolina Panthers better make a splash in free agency

Signing a top free agent would be a refreshing change from the previous Panthers ownership.

Indianapolis Colts v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

After a decade or more of being free agency spectators I want nothing except for the Carolina Panthers to go after one of the best players available. It has been so long since the Panthers made a splash in free agency I’m conditioned to not even expect them to entertain the notion. The fan base needs something to feel good about after an offseason that honestly could not have gone much worse and it’s not even March yet. I’m not going to say things couldn’t be worse of course because it can always get worse but dang, Greg Olsen and Luke Kuechly? #FML

So what I want more than anything is for the Panthers to sign a left tackle. A really good left tackle, and yes it’s going to cost some salary cap, so what. I have someone in mind on that front but let me explain why left tackle is the Panthers biggest need. I am so tired of seeing our quarterbacks get pummeled to the point they lose confidence or worse get injured. Since general manager Marty Hurney can’t seem to spend high draft picks on protecting the quarterback, it’s time to invest some dollars in protecting our quarterback.

So here’s the top free agent left tackle in Pro Football Focus’ most recent rankings and one of my top options.

What about Greg Little you might ask? Little has yet to show he can be a viable option at left tackle and like I said earlier the position is too important to continue to hope for the best. Instead we need to make a splash like stealing Castonzo from the Indianapolis Colts.

If not Castonzo then how about a right tackle?

What about Taylor Moton you might ask? I agree Moton is a good right tackle but he also has position flexibility. I still think he could play left tackle but if not then left guard. The point is even another solid right tackle makes our starting five linemen better by moving Moton elsewhere.

A third free agency option is right tackle Bryan Bulaga. Bulaga has an extensive injury history but he played 16 games in what was one of his best seasons in 2019. If we could pry him away from the Green Bay Packers then it’s a similar line up scenario as signing Conklin.

So are you demanding a free agency splash too Panthers fans? A real splash, like a full Shamu breach that drenches 20 rows deep kind of splash. Who do you hope the Panthers make a splash with?