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“Everything starts with me, personally”: Cam Newton talks about preparing for the 2020 season with SB Nation Radio

Cam Newton made an appearance on The Main Event at Radio Row and talked about several topics, including his outlook on playing for a new coaching staff in 2020.

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton spent some time with Jake Asman and Cody Stoots from SB Nation’s The Main Event at Radio Row during Super Bowl Week.

Topics discussed include Cam’s recovery from injury, using the naysayers to motivate himself to come back, missing so many games being a blessing in disguise to allow his shoulder to fully heal, and preparing for a new season under the Panthers’ new regime.

Cam also called tight end Greg Olsen “the most intellectual player I’ve ever played with” and spoke about how much symmetry the two had together.

Two questions and answers in particular that stood out to me were on the subject of Cam’s health and his thoughts on preparing to play for a new coaching staff when he’s given full clearance from his doctor.

What are you looking to accomplish off the field, in your personal life?

My main thing is to get healthy. That’s it. My Plan A, Plan B and C is to get healthy, and other than that, everything else will kinda take care of itself.

When you are full go, what’s the game plan? You’ve got a new coach you have to get used to, and I assume with that comes a new system. Does it start with the wide receivers, does it start with the coaching staff, where do you begin in this offseason when the doctors give you the full go?

Everything starts with me, personally. And I think that’s everybody’s approach for the team. How can I maximize myself first, to inevitably make the biggest impact for this team? You know, so, we had a lot of key losses, but yet at the end of the day I still trust and believe everything the front office and guys have planned, and like I said, it’s the excitement that goes around it.

I know it’s not Cam’s decision to make, but it sure sounds like he’s prepared to be the Panthers starting quarterback in 2020. Hopefully the Panthers’ front office agrees with him.

Check out the full interview below!