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Panthers have fired general manager Marty Hurney

The two time Panthers GM is here no longer.

NFL: Carolina Panthers at Los Angeles Chargers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Carolina Panthers have fired general manager Marty Hurney, according to a press release by the team.

The move comes after conversations between Panthers owner David Tepper and Hurney revealed a distinct difference between the ways the two wanted to develop the football operations going forward. Tepper wants to be data driven. Hurney is old school. Tepper wants a GM that is more of the former, which better aligns with head coach Matt Rhule as well.

Rhule and communications officer Steven Drummond, who was part of the interview process with Matt Rhule last season, will be part of the interview process.

Jonathan Jones of CBS Sports opines that Tepper made the early firing for the same reason he did so with head coach Ron Rivera last season. If the decision that Hurney would not be here past this season had already been made, it makes sense for all involved that the move happen as soon as possible. It lets Hurney start looking for new jobs, and it gives the Panthers the opportunity to interview new candidates without going behind Hurney’s back.

Jones believes a reunion between Marty Hurney and Ron Rivera in Washington is likely coming down the line.