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Keep Sounding: We have no idea what’s going on with the Panthers

The Panthers suddenly figured out how to play defense against the Lions, and now they play an enigmatic Vikings team.

The Carolina Panthers shut out the Detroit Lions in what’s probably the most surprising result of the Panthers’ season to date. Up next is a trip to face a Minnesota Vikings team that’s been all over the place this season.

Panthers vs Lions

  • When did the Panthers figure out how to play defense?
  • The PJ Walker experience
  • The awakening of DJ Moore
  • Matt Patricia’s incompetence
  • The Lions seemingly quitting and jumping offsides twice in a row to end the game

Around the NFL

  • Another installment of “Cam thought he was going to a better situation but it turns out his number one wide receiver is Damiere Byrd”
  • Taysom Hill started and kind of played well but also didn’t really and maybe it was just the Falcons being the Falcons
  • The Chargers had a hilarious intentional safety at the end of their game
  • The Packers may have gotten shafted
  • I am vindicated in my now years-long belief that Carson Wentz is in fact bad

Panthers at Vikings

  • The Vikings can’t decide whether they’re a good team or a terrible team
  • Adam Thielen’s status for the game
  • The Vikings weapons sans Adam Thielen
  • Do we want to see Teddy Bridgewater and Christian McCaffrey back?
  • Score predictions