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Keep Sounding: Sunday’s loss was gross

The Panthers got demolished on Sunday, but up next could be a get right game.

Brian is absent from this podcast, so it’s just Brad and me. Here’s what we got:

Panthers vs Buccaneers

  • The Panthers inability to contain Ronald Jones
  • Are the three man pass rushes the chicken or the egg?
  • The discrepancy between the first and second half
  • The sequence that doomed the game
  • Why the Panthers are so bad coming out of the half
  • Where the Panthers currently sit in the draft order

Around the NFL

  • If the season ended today, the playoffs would not include the Patriots but would include several teams that we’re not used to seeing there
  • Bill O’Brien is the gift that keeps on giving, especially if you’re the Dolphins or Cardinals
  • The Dolphins are putting the theory that you can plug any running back into your system and get results to the test
  • Jordan Howard’s hilariously awful stats this season
  • Upset of the week

Panthers vs Lions

  • This a must-win game for fan engagement
  • The Panthers have major injury problems on offense
  • The Lions are the most boring kind of bad
  • The Lions have their own injury issues at quarterback
  • D’Andre Swift could be a problem
  • Who starts at quarterback if Teddy Bridgewater can’t go
  • Who plays running back if neither of Christian McCaffrey or Mike Davis can go
  • Score predictions both with and without Bridgewater