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CSR Reacts: Fan confidence jumps 10 percent after Panthers pick up first win of season

The Panthers won a game in Week 3, and more fans gained confidence in the team as a result.

The Panthers picked up their first win in 10 months last week when they defeated the Chargers 21-16 thanks to a great effort from the defense to tame rookie quarterback Justin Herbert. The result of this win brought more fans back to the ‘confident’ side of things in our weekly Reacts question ‘Are you confident in the direction of the team?’. This week, 67 percent of fans answered ‘yes’ to that question, which is a jump of 10 percent over last week’s result.

I have to agree with the majority here. I think the Panthers are showing that the future has a chance to be special as long as everything continues to go according to plan. The defense is growing together, and the results showed with their improvement against the Chargers last week. There will be some bumps in the road, as we should expect with a rebuilding team, but let’s look on the bright side: at least we’re not Jets or Falcons fans.

I think this week’s game against the Cardinals will be a true test for this young squad. The Cardinals are currently 2-1 and look like they have a chance to be a playoff team this year, so this will be a good barometer for where the Panthers stand this year. Was last week’s win just a fluke because they got lucky and faced a rookie quarterback, or is the defense actually starting to come together? We’ll know more after this week, but I believe it’s the latter and hopefully the team will show me that’s the case.

What about you, Panthers fans? Are you confident in the direction the Panthers are going? Why or why not?

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