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CSR NFL Week 8 picks: The staff unanimously predicts a Panthers win over the Falcons on Thursday Night Football

The short week doesn’t stop our experts from unanimously picking a Panthers win over the Falcons.

The Panthers had a quick turnaround after their Week 7 loss to the Saints as they only had four days to prepare for their Week 8 matchup with the Falcons. The short time between games isn’t enough to prevent the CSR staff from unanimously predicting the Panthers to pick up their fourth win of the season and their second straight win over the Falcons.

I’m sure we’ve put the kiss of death on Carolina’s chances to win this game by unanimously picking them to win, but the stars seem to be aligned in our favor. It’s a short week, we’re at home, the weather is going to be terrible and the Falcons are bad. Normally that would all add up to a comfortable Panthers win, but because we’re the Panthers I fully expect the Falcons to come out and win by three touchdowns now. (When that happens, you can send your complaints to Brian.)

As usual, the staff is in agreement on most of the games. The one game we’re divided on is the Steelers-Ravens matchup on Sunday afternoon. It’s no surprise that we’re split on that one as it’s one of the more even matchups across the league this week, so it should be one of the better games available to watch on Sunday.

You can see our picks for the rest of Week 8’s games in the chart below.

What are your predictions for Week 8, Panthers fans?