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CSR NFL Week 4 Picks: The staff is almost unanimous in our prediction of another Panthers loss

The CSR staff doesn’t have much confidence the Panthers can pull off a win over the Cardinals in Week 4.

The Panthers square off with the Cardinals in Week 4 this Sunday, but the CSR staff almost unanimously predicts they’ll get the short end of the stick with another disappointing loss. Erik is the only staff member who picked the Panthers to win this week, as you can see in our handy dandy graph at the bottom of the page, courtesy of our friends at Tallysight.

As usual, most of the games are unanimous decisions by our staff. Either we all agree with each other or we just like to copy each other’s homework. I’m not sure which it is. At any rate, tonight’s game is an interesting 3-2 split in favor of the Broncos after Brian and Daniel decided to be bold and pick the Jets to win. Huge props to them if they get it right, but we should also be ready to point and laugh at them if they get it wrong because really... who would pick the Jets to win anything at this point?

You can see all of our picks this week in the graph below, and feel free to share your picks and predictions with us in the comments!