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Keep Sounding: Matt Rhule is head coach of the Carolina Panthers

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The Panthers got their guy.

The Carolina Panthers officially announced Matt Rhule as the fifth full-time head coach in the team’s history. Matt Rhule topics include:

  • Who is Matt Rhule?
  • His credentials
  • Why he is different than the typical college-to-NFL coach and why his path to success is more apparent than a Saban or Meyer-type
  • Rhule’s passion for sports science and numbers-based approaches
  • How Rhule fits what David Tepper wants in a head coach
  • Potential coordinator hires and coordinator wishlists

The coordinator discussion prompts Brian to bring up a fascinating question—which Panthers that are bad on the field would you pick to be future coaches?

Before we wrap up, we had to talk about the news surrounding former Panthers. Ron Rivera is hiring every single assistant from his time here in Carolina, showing he hasn’t grown from his nepotistic hiring practices. Meanwhile, the New York Giants totally got ‘their guy’ in Joe Judge. How could he be a fallback plan if they hired him so quickly? And Jason Garrett is going to be their offensive coordinator?

Link to show page.