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The Scratching Post: Carolina Panthers news and links 1/6/20

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Here’s today’s collection of Panthers links for you to discuss.

Greetings, internet users. Welcome to The Scratching Post.

Here’s some reading material from outside CSR for you to consume.

Why Panthers hiring Matt Rhule could save Cam Newton's career | Vincent Frank, Yardbarker
Very seldom do we see a perfect fit as it relates to a head coach and quarterback in the NFL, though a Rhule-Newton combo could be one.

Breaking down the Panthers' top candidates in coach search | David Newton, ESPN
Eric Bieniemy and Mike McCarthy have already spoken to the Panthers, and Josh McDaniels is likely on the list for next week.

Greg Little and Dennis Daley reflect on challenging rookie years | Zach Goins,
The first-year linemen were thrown into the fire and got a real taste for life in the trenches in the NFL.

Feel free to discuss the links above, or use this thread to chat about (almost) anything you want: video games, food, movies, non-football sports, you name it. As long as it’s allowed by the site’s ToS, it’s fair game here.

You know the drill.

This is now an open thread!