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Behold the dismal 2019 combined stats of the Panthers three starting quarterbacks

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We all knew it was bad, and the stats more than back it up.

Miami Dolphins v Carolina Panthers Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Many of us wish we could just buy a Men in Black memory eraser on eBay and use it to wipe our minds clean of the Panthers 5-11 2019 season. Those of us who, unfortunately, still remember this year tend to divide the season up into three separate and distinct segments based on who was starting at quarterback:

  • Two games with an injured Cam Newton
  • 12 up-and-down games riding the Kyle Allen roller coaster
  • Two games with rookie Will Grier being thrown to the wolves

In the end the Carolina Panthers played 16 games with three different quarterbacks leading the offense. Rather than looking at the performances of Cam, Kyle, and Will separately, I decided to combine them into a single, fictional quarterback named “Ky’Camwill Grinewall” (yeah, it’s not a great name formed by a terrible mash-up, but it’s still better than BenJarvus Green-Ellis.)

As a single entity, here’s how “Ky’Camwill” performed over a 16-game 2019 season. Folks, it ain’t pretty:

Combined 2019 stats - Newton, Allen, Grier

"Player" Name Att Comp Comp % Yards Yds/Att TD INT TD% INT% Sack Fumble
"Player" Name Att Comp Comp % Yards Yds/Att TD INT TD% INT% Sack Fumble
Ky'Camwill Grinewall 630 381 60.5% 4122 6.54 17 21 2.7% 3.3% 58 16
NFL Rank (of 33) 1st 6th 29th 6th 30th 27th-T 31st-T 31st 29th 32nd 31st-T

Here’s how “Grinewall’s” stats compare to the 32 qualifying quarterbacks this season (min. 224 pass attempts) per Football Reference.

  • 630 pass attempts: Incredibly, this would’ve been the most pass attempts in the NFL by a single quarterback, just outpacing the 626 attempts from both Jameis Winston and Jared Goff. I guess this is what happens when a bad team is regularly playing from behind.
  • 4,122 passing yards: This would’ve been good enough for sixth in the NFL just behind Matt Ryan (4,466 yards) and ahead of Russell Wilson (4,110 yards). That might look good on the surface, but remember, “Ky’Camwill” would’ve been No. 1 in pass attempts and just No. 6 in passing yards.
  • 60.5% completions: Connecting on just north of 60 percent ranks 29th out of 32 qualifying quarterbacks ahead of Andy Dalton (59.5%), Baker Mayfield (59.4%), and Josh Allen (58.8%).
  • 6.5 yards per attempt: That’s good enough (er, bad enough) for 30th of 32 qualifying quarterbacks, beating only Mason Rudolph (6.2 YPA) and Mitch Trubisky (6.1 YPA). Yeesh.
  • 2.7% TD percentage: This ranks 31st out of 32 qualifying quarterbacks, exceeding only Joe Flacco’s 2.3%. That’s...not good.
  • 3.3% INT percentage: This ranks 29th out of 32 qualifying quarterbacks, beating out Philip Rivers (3.38%), Baker Mayfield (3.93%), and the incomparable Jameis Winston (4.79%). You never want to be on the same list as Jameis, folks.
  • 58 sacks: This is the most in the NFL by a country mile. It’s a full 10 sacks more than the next on the list which are the 48 sacks taken by Russell Wilson, Matt Ryan, and Kyler Murray. That’s bad. Like, shockingly bad.
  • 16 fumbles: The only players to put the ball on the ground more than the Panthers quarterbacks is rookie Daniel Jones who had 18 fumbles.

When looking at the season as a whole, the 16 games the Panthers got from their three different starting quarterbacks was about as bad as it could get. Ky’Camwill Grinewall was among the three worst quarterbacks in the league in just about every meaningful measure of efficiency, and yet he still would’ve led the NFL in passing attempts. Throw in a Panthers defense that was historically bad stopping the run and it’s no surprise Carolina ended the year on an eight-game losing streak.

Let’s hope for either a healthy Cam Newton next year or for the Panthers to make a splash in the draft. It can’t get much worse than Ky’Camwell Grinewall. And if it does, then heaven help us all.