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Panthers vs Rams game day inactives: Vernon Butler not on game day roster for season opener

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The Panthers will not play former first round pick Vernon Butler today against the Rams.

The Carolina Panthers and Los Angeles Rams have released their inactive players for today’s game, and you can check them out below.

Panthers inactives

The biggest surprise to me is that Vernon Butler is inactive with Bruce Irvin missing today’s game with a hamstring injury. That’s not good news for Butler, who has struggled to get consistent playing time since being drafted in the first round a few years back.

None of the other names are that surprising. The Panthers only use two quarterbacks on game day, and Grier is the No. 3 quarterback at the moment. Also, they’re not going to use all six wide receivers so it makes sense to see one of them inactive. I’m a little surprised that Brandon Green is inactive since Greg Little is out with a concussion, because having just two active tackles against the Rams’ front seven is certainly a bold strategy. Hopefully it pays off for the Panthers today.

Rams inactives

Unfortunately, Aaron Donald is active today and will likely be a problem for the Panthers’ offensive line. Hopefully they can find some way to contain him this afternoon.

Kickoff is an hour away, Panthers fans. Are you ready?