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Panthers 27 Rams 30: Different day, same missed opportunities doom Panthers in season opener loss

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Too many missed opportunities plague the Panthers again and they fall to 0-1 on the season.

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This game was yet another example of a mantra that Panthers head coach Ron Rivera says way too many times for my liking: “There were too many missed opportunities.”

The Panthers played well for a Week 1 game. It wasn’t as sloppy as you’d expect after the Panthers starters didn’t see much action in the preseason, but there were a few critical mistakes that prevented them from being able to leave today’s game with a win.

D.J. Moore fumbled after making a catch and picking up a first down, Joey Slye missed a 53-yard field goal that would have been a 48-yard field goal if not for a penalty, the Panthers defense couldn’t generate enough pressure on Jared Goff, the officials made a puzzling (and wrong) call on a challenge that should have given the Panthers a turnover, and the football bounced into the arms of a Rams offensive lineman twice after Todd Gurley fumbled instead of into the arms of a Panthers defender. When all of those things happen during the span of one game it’s hard for a team to come out on top, and that’s exactly what happened to the Panthers today.

There were some good things. Cam Newton looked good in his first real game action after offseason shoulder surgery. He didn’t throw any touchdowns and was 25-of-38 for 239 yards, and an interception, but his throws looked crisp and he doesn’t seem to be dealing with any ill effects from his offseason surgery. Christian McCaffrey was a beast today, rushing for 128 yards and two touchdowns on 19 carries and picking up an additional 81 yards on 10 receptions.

The defense played alright for the most part. We learned that Brian Burns is very fast, and James Bradberry had an interception. The special teams unit forced Johnny Hekker to shank a punt for seven yards in the first quarter and blocked a punt to set up a McCaffrey touchdown in the fourth quarter.

Honestly, when you look at the box score, the Panthers probably should have won this game, but they didn’t and the only thing they can say is they missed some opportunities. That’s unfortunate and it’s a shame that it’s an excuse that we have to keep hearing, but to repeat an oft-heard phrase from years past, it is what it is.

The Panthers have a short week and have a divisional matchup with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at home on Thursday night. Hopefully they can put this loss behind them and come prepared to play to avoid going into an 0-2 hole.

How are you feeling after today’s loss, Panthers fans? Let’s hear your thoughts!

Live updates

Final score: Panthers 27 Rams 30

And Gurley gets a first down and that will probably do it.

Timeout Panthers. They have no more timeouts.

Gurley picks up nine yards and stays in bounds. 2nd and 1.

The Panthers try the onside kick but the Rams recover it. The Panthers have one timeout left.

TOUCHDOWN PANTHERS! Alex Armah dives over the line to score and bring the Panthers to within four. The XP is good and it’s a field goal game again. Panthers 27 Rams 30

Two minute warning: Panthers 20: Rams 30

And another great run sets up first and goal from the one yard line.

An outstanding run by CMC gives the Panthers a first down at the 25.

Great catch by Greg Olsen to keep the chains moving.

It’s 4th down and the Rams will try to extend the lead with a field goal. The kick is no good though so the Panthers still have a chance. Panthers 20 Rams 30

Marcus Peters gets a taunting penalty but it doesn’t matter. The interception still counts and the Rams now have more field to work with to drain the clock.

And Cam throws an interception so that’s probably going to be the end of Carolina’s chances today. This game has been full of missed opportunities, which is typical for a Panthers game.

The Rams just marched right down the field and scored a touchdown to make it a two score game again. That might be the final nail in the Panthers’ coffin. The XP is good. Panthers 20 Rams 30

Cam tried to throw Samuel open but he overthrows him and now it’s 4th down.

It’s 3rd and 6 after Cam finds CMC over the middle for four yards.

The first designed run for Cam is called with 12 minutes left in the game. He didn’t gain any yards so it’s 2nd and 10.

INTERCEPTION! James Bradberry picks off Jared Goff and the Panthers have a chance to tie the game or take the lead!

The Rams are already in Panthers territory after just two plays.

TOUCHDOWN PANTHERS! CMC wiggles his way through the defense and brings the Panthers to within four points. The XP is good and now the Panthers trail by three. Panthers 20 Rams 23

Jermaine Carter blocked Hekker’s punt and Reggie Bonnafon recovered it.

BLOCKED PUNT! The Panthers finally get a break and have it first and goal inside the five!

And they do get the stop! It’s 4th down.

The Rams get a first down but there’s a flag on the field. It’s on the Rams for holding so it will be 3rd and 12 instead of 1st and 10. The Panthers need a stop here.

End of 3rd quarter: Panthers 13 Rams 23

Todd Gurley fumbled but the Rams recoverd it. Dang it.

Efe Obada gets called for a neutral zone infraction and gives the Rams 1st and 5.

Slye’s kick is good and the Panthers are within 10. Panthers 13 Rams 23

Back-to-back overthrows by Cam sets up 4th down. Joey Slye is out for a 52-yard field goal attempt.

Samuel makes a catch and then ducks under a tackle to pick up a few more yards and a first down.

Greg Olsen gets hit by a defender lowering his helmet but it’s offset by a holding penalty. Something needs to be changed about that rule. Safety-related penalties should not be offset with anything procedural like holding.

And Malcom Brown waltzes into the end zone. That was not good for the defense. The XP is good. Panthers 10 Rams 23

Huge third and goal here.

It’s first and goal for the Rams. The defense needs a stop here.

The Panthers should probably cover Cooper Kupp. He’s been wide open several times today.

Timeout Panthers. They have one left after losing that challenge earlier.

The Rams’ receivers are getting wide open today, and the defense isn’t getting to Goff. That’s not a good combo for the Panthers defense.

LOL they took that turnover away from the Panthers. Yeah, okay.

The Panthers pick up a loose ball but the call on the field is an incomplete pass. I think that should be reviewed and Rivera agrees. Challenge flag has been thrown.

The Panthers will not challenge the call.

Donte Jackson’s gets penalized for pass interference and it gives the Rams a first down.

TOUCHDOWN PANTHERS! Christian McCaffrey takes the direct snap, fakes a handoff to Cam and runs it into the end zone to bring the Panthers within one score. The XP is good. Panthers 10 Rams 16

Eric Weddle has officially been ruled out for the rest of the game.

Cam finds Moore and the Panthers now have first and goal. Cam is 16/21 today.

Cam makes two audibles at the line on 2nd down and finds Jarius Wright for a first. That’s the kind of stuff that can happen when you’re not scrambling to the line with 0:08 left on the play clock.

Timeout Rams.

Cam finds Samuel for a first down. Progress!

Cam’s first rush attempt of the day is good for three yards. It’s 3rd and 7.

The Panthers will start at their own 40 after the kickoff goes out of bounds. They should take advantage of this good field position.

The kick is good and the Rams add three points to their lead. Panthers 3 Rams 16

The Panthers force a 4th down situation after forcing Goff to throw it away early. The Rams will attempt a field goal.

Gurley fumbled it at the 5-yard line but it was recovered by the Rams. There was a holding penalty that deletes the play anyway.

Todd Gurley picks up 25 yards on a run down the sideline and the only thing that saved a touchdown was the boundary. Not a good look for the Panthers there.

Brandin Cooks had zero catches in the first half, but he has two already on this drive and the Rams are in Panthers territory.

Two positives from the first half — Cam appears to be healthy and Aaron Donald has not been a factor for the Rams.

The Panthers will start the 2nd half on defense.

Halftime: Panthers 3 Rams 13

Slye’s kick is good and the Panthers go into halftime on a positive note. Panthers 3 Rams 13

Cam finds Moore for a quick strike and the Panthers spike the ball with 0:02 left to give Slye a chance to put points on the board. It will be a 46 yard attempt.

Timeout Panthers. 0:15 left in the first half.

After two plays, the Panthers are within the edge of Slye’s range.

Timeout Panthers.

We got a first down y’all!

Timeout Rams.

CMC with a moderate gain to set up a manageable third down.

Timeout Rams.

Daryl Williams decided to let Christian McCaffrey go one-on-one with Dante Fowler. It went as you’d expect it to go.

Eric Weddle is doubtful to return with a forehead laceration according to the sideline report from Laura Okmin.

As expected, it’s good. The other team always makes those against the Panthers for some reason. Panthers 0 Rams 13

The Rams will attempt a 56-yard field goal. Let’s see what happens.

We’re at the two minute warning and the Panthers still trail 10-0.

It’s now 4th down. The Panthers offense has been one big ol’ poopsicle today, folks.

Weddle will be carted off the field, but he’s up and moving around on his own. Hopefully he’s okay.

Weddle is bleeding from the head and looks like he’s wearing a crimson mask. I honestly don’t know how CMC’s knee is okay after that play.

Christian McCaffrey just jumped over a defender to pick up an extra yard or two. Eric Weddle is down on the field after taking a knee to the helmet. Hope he’s okay.

Johnny Hekker is punting the shit out of the football today. That one went for 63 yards, but Ray-Ray McCloud had a decent return on it.

The Panthers defense holds and forces a 4th down situation. Hekker will come out to punt.

Palardy’s punt goes 58 yards and Natrell Jamerson makes a heck of a play to shut the returner down at the six yard line, and then a late hit penalty on the Rams takes it back to the three yard line. The Panthers defense should do something here.

The Panthers take a delay of game penalty in the punt formation in case you were wondering how this game is going.

Cam finds CMC wide open in the middle of the field, but that’s because it was 3rd and 20 and CMC only gained 10 yards. Palardy out to punt again.

Dante Fowler just obliterated Cam Newton. I’m not sure anyone touched him. Jesus.

In case y’all were wondering, the Panthers are still in fact the Panthers.

Aaand the Rams score a touchdown. The XP is good. Panthers 0 Rams 10

The ruling on the field was a turnover and that ruling stands. Welp.

The Rams appear to have recovered a backwards pass and will have the ball first and goal on the Carolina 9 yard line. This could be bad, y’all.

Chris Manhertz gets called for holding and the Panthers now face 1st and 20.

The kick is good and the Rams take the lead. Panthers 0 Rams 3

It’s now 4th down after Goff overthrows Woods. The Rams will attempt a field goal.

Brian Burns almost intercepted the handoff to Robert Woods. My goodness he’s fast off the snap.

End of first quarter: Panthers 0 Rams 0

The Panthers were victimized by the quick snap and were offsides with too many men on the field. Both penalties were declined because the Rams got a first down on the play.

And the kick is no good. Wide right. Still 0-0.

LOL they take a time out and a delay of game to hand the ball of to CMC for a short loss. Now it’s 4th down and Joey Slye will come out to attempt a field goal.

And now a delay of game penalty. How does that happen?

Timeout Panthers.

The Panthers are inside the 30, but it’s now third down.

Cam looks good so far today. Only one incompletion so far (a slight overthrow to Moore).

Holy crap what a punt! Hekker booms one at least 75 yards and it’s returned for a decent gain by Ray-Ray McCloud.

And it’s fourth down. Good stand by the defense.

Donte Jackson follows with a good play of his own to break up a pass and force a third and long.

Shaq Thompson makes a nice play to stop Todd Gurley for a short loss.

Palardy’s punt goes farther than seven yards, but the downside to that is it lands in the end zone. The Rams will start at the 20.

Curtis Samuel slips on 3rd down and the Panthers will punt the ball right back after that three-and-out.

The Panthers run a screen to Greg Olsen, and imo they should run that play all the time. It picked up three yards.

Hekker’s punt traveled seven yards.

The punt was either partially blocked or just shanked, and that benefits the Panthers.

The Rams get called for delay of game but Rivera declines it to avoid giving Hekker more room to pin the Panthers deep.

That sack came at a great time because it took the Rams out of field goal range. Hekker is in to punt.

SACK! James Bradberry gets to Goff and forces a 4th down! Marquis Haynes was in on the play too.

The Rams are driving down the field at will on the Panthers defense at this point.

Cam finds Moore again.... and he fumbles while fighting for more yards. The Rams recover.

Cam connects with D.J. Moore for a first down. Nice throw there.

The Panthers are in the hurry-up, but apparently someone didn’t know the play as Cam turned around to hand it off to... no one. Clay Matthews takes advantage and gets the sack.

The Rams bat down Newton’s first pass, but it falls right in to CMC’s hands. Lucky play, there.

Christian McCaffrey makes a nice shake and bake move to pick up a first down after a solid 17-yard run.

The Panthers start the game on offense.

Kickoff is about 20-ish minutes away, Panthers fans! Stay tuned for live score updates and running commentary.


We finally made it, folks! The 2019 season is just around the corner and the Carolina Panthers will open their 2019 schedule at home against the defending NFC Champion Los Angeles Rams. Talk about a tough test right out of the gate...

This should be a great game, so if you want to tune in you can find all the details on how to do that below.

Game day information

What: Carolina Panthers vs Los Angeles Rams
When: Sunday, September 8 at 1 p.m. ET
Where: Bank of America Stadium (Charlotte, N.C.)
TV: FOX; Chris Myers, Daryl Johnston (Coverage map)
Streaming: FuboTV, Panthers mobile app, FoxSportsGO*
Radio: Panthers radio (local); Mick Mixon, Jake Delhomme
Spanish Radio: Panthers radio (local); Jaime Moreno, Luis Moreno Jr
Weather: 90° / Mostly sunny / 5 mph E wind / 0% rain (Complete forecast)

* - A television provider is required to stream the game on FoxSportsGO.

Miscellaneous information

Mobile app

You can download the official Panthers app to get live score updates during the game straight to your phone. Also, if you live in the NC/SC market you can listen to the live radio broadcast of every game with the app. You can find the Panthers app in your phone’s app store or you can download the app here.

Online Streaming

FuboTV: You can stream and record live NFL games on FuboTV if you purchase a monthly subscription to their service. (Note: You cannot watch games that are broadcast on ESPN.)

FoxSportsGo: If you have a television provider but are stuck without a tv, you can log in with the FoxSportsGo app and stream the game live. This is a handy option if you’re traveling somewhere without access to the game or if you’re stuck in a bar with no Panthers fans around.

NFL GamePass: You can stream all NFL regular season games on demand if you purchase NFL Game Pass*. It’s a little pricey at $99, but it also includes access to All-22 film. If you’re just desperate to watch the Panthers game there is a 7-day free trial, but sign up at your own risk if you’re one of those people who forgets to cancel before the free trial is over.

*Note: You cannot watch regular season games live with this option. You have to wait until after the games are over before you can stream them.

TV Replays

NFL Network will air condensed replays of a selected group of regular season games throughout the week. To see if/when the Panthers’ game will be replayed, you can check NFL Network’s television schedule for more information.

Roaring Riot Watch Parties

If you’re unable to watch the game via live tv or streaming, or if you prefer to watch in the company of fellow Panthers fans, check out the Roaring Riot to see if there is a watch party in your area. Membership is not required to get in the door, but if you’re interested in purchasing a membership you can find all the information you need here.


The Panthers will wear white jerseys for this game.


If you’re into that sort of thing, you can find info on NFL game odds by clicking here.

Stay tuned for a live update thread when the game kicks off at 1 p.m. ET on Sunday!

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