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Panthers go from three point favorite to 2.5 point underdog versus Cardinals

Such was the impact of Cam Newton being ruled out of the game and Kyle Allen being named the starter.

Carolina Panthers v New Orleans Saints Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

Before Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton was placed on the injury report the Panthers were three point favorites. Once his status became questionable the line was removed as Vegas decided it needed a final ruling before reopening bets on this game. Once the announcement was made that Newton would not play the line took a different direction, now favoring the Arizona Cardinals by 2.5 points. I think taking the Panthers plus 2.5 is a solid play as the pundits are overlooking a number of things. From TopBet:

First, the Panthers are mainly 0-2 in 2019 because the offense has not been very good under Cam Newton...or Norv Turner for that matter. Newton has been wildly inaccurate and that causes problems for any offense. With a Kyle Allen under center that can only get better, well let us say it cannot get worse (knock on wood).

Second, Kyle Allen has been tested more than people are giving him credit for. His win against the New Orleans Saints to close the 2018 season was against the Saints first team defense for the majority of the game. Pro Football Focus gave Allen a 74 grade for that game which is pretty good. It was no gimme for the offense. The Saints did sit many starters on offense but not on defense. So I given Allen more credit than he is being given by the pundits for that win.

Third, the Panthers defense is playing against a rookie quarterback in his third game. So instead of being minus in the turnover column the Panthers have a chance to ring up some take overs themselves. The defense is due for a big game and dammit they should be pissed off by the this start. They are way too talented to not ruin Kyler Murray’s day.

So I say sit Newton down until he is fully healthy and let us see if Kyle Allen has a future in this league, one game at a time.