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CSR Roundtable: What kind of game will Kyle Allen have against the Cardinals?

With Allen all but confirmed as the Panthers starter this weekend, let’s talk about what kind of start that could be.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Carolina Panthers Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Cam Newton being hurt hardly seems to qualify as news any more, yet this week feels more momentous than most with Kyle Allen likely set to start for the Carolina Panthers against the Arizona Cardinals. Newton likely won’t be active on gameday as he is injured and not getting benched. That is something to keep in mind as F-150 twitter will likely be revving their engines at any sign of success from Allen.

Something else to keep in mind is that Allen was unable to finish his lone start in relief of Newton last season due to his own injury. That followed Taylor Heinicke, now a free agent, who was the first Panthers back up quarterback to be injured last season trying to play behind the same offensive line as Newton.

This season’s iteration of offensive line might be even weaker than last season’s on the left side, though two games is hopefully too small of a sample size of data to make that judgment. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that the coaches come to their senses or that Daryl Williams is capable of surprising us all.

In the meantime, let’s ask the CSR staff what kind of numbers they think Allen will put up on Sunday and whether or not they think he’ll last the whole game.

Bradley Smith, Managing Editor: He’ll go 39 of 54 with 375 yards, 4 touchdowns and 0 interceptions. He’s ready and I think he will make it out unharmed.

Mick Smiley, Contributor: He’ll finish the game and put up 20 of 30, 223 yards, with one touchdown and two interceptions.

Daniel Belton, Contributor: His line on Sunday will be 15 of 24 for 211 yards, one touchdown and one interception. ‘Run’ Rivera will show up and limit his opportunities so that his only injury will be to his pride.

Brian Beversluis, Social Media Czar: I think he will finish the game but we will all feel very sorry for him. His numbers will look like 15 of 28 with one passing touchdown, one rushing touchdown, and two interceptions.

Evan Leekley, Contributor: Kyle Allen will finish the game, even after being sacked four times. He’ll go 18 of 31 for 182 yards and a garbage time touchdown. He’ll also throw two interceptions and gain 44 yards rushing on four attempts. (In a loss, if I left that unclear.)

Jonathan DeLong, Editor: He’ll barely survive and leave behind a stat line of 20 of 33 for 220 yards, 1 touchdown, and 1 interception..