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Keep Sounding: This is fine

Really, everything is fine.

Hey guys. Everything is fine.

Really. There is nothing wrong right now. Everything is hunky-dory in Carolina Panthers land.

The only teeny tiny issues we’re dealing with are a foot injury to franchise quarterback Cam Newton, the coaching staff’s inability to diagnose/manage/understand/communicate that injury, an 0-2 record with both losses coming at home, and a left tackle that is unable to block. Other than that, we’re good.

We do our very very best to squeeze some blood out of this stone. It’s tough to record an entire podcast episode when there’s so little to talk about.

We do manage to recap that alleged football game between the Panthers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers last Thursday. There were some good things in there. We look ahead to this weekend’s visit to the Arizona Cardinals, discuss the key players for the Panthers offense with Newton’s health up in the air, and predict the final score.