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Panthers 14 Buccaneers 20: The Hog Molly report

The Hog Molly report is in for the Thursday Night Football letdown, and boy, it is not pretty for the offensive line.

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Carolina Panthers Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the Hog Molly Report, where winning in the trenches is all that matters. Before we begin, we open with the reciting of our usual motto:

In keeping with the proven philosophy that building a team from the inside out is the best strategy for long term success, my goal will be to watch the hog mollies each game during the season and give them a grade based on their performance.

This week we will look at the Carolina Panthers deflating week two loss at the hands of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and there’s no other way to put it... our offensive line got absolutely pummeled.

Offensive Hog Mollies

Yards per Carry: 2.0 Season: 4.0 (17th, NFL)

Yards per Play: 5.0 Season: 5.1 (26th, NFL)

QB Hits allowed: 5 Season: 11 (15th, NFL)

Sacks allowed: 3 Season: 6 (T-22nd, NFL)

Third downs converted: 3 of 14, or 21% Season: 32% (21st, NFL)

Rating: 1 out of 5 Abysmal Bacon Bouncers

1 out of 5 hogs

The Carolina Panthers offensive line was doing okay until about halftime, other than gaining very little ground in the run game. After the half however, Daryl Williams completely forgot how to block, and Shaquil Barrett was the benefactor. The entire left side of the offensive line had a game to forget, and this contest just completely exposed all the reasons why many of us were very concerned about Williams getting the starting left tackle nod in the preseason.

Here is your pressure report:

Here’s your sack report:

Q3 14:20. 1st & 10, TAM 42 - This is just Daryl Williams getting beat on an outside speed rush by Shaquil Barrett. Not much else to say. This is where Williams really starts to fall apart, prior to this play I had him credited with just 1 pressure.

Q3 9:23. 2nd & 10, TAM 21 - Copy. Paste. This is just Daryl Williams getting beat on an outside speed rush by Shaquil Barrett. Not much else to say.

Q3 8:40. 3rd & 17, TAM 28 - Let’s just make it a hat trick for Daryl Williams, and also Shaquil Barrett. This time Williams gets pushed back into Cam Newton’s lap, Barrett sheds his block to the inside and pummels Cam yet again. A putrid night for Williams.

Eight pressures and three sacks is about the absolute worst I have seen from a tackle, and it appears that my assertion that “he can’t possibly be worse than Chris Clark” might be falling short of expectations. I continue to believe that Williams best spot in the NFL is at left guard, and that the team should try someone else at left tackle. Not sure that Greg Little is ready yet either, or that I want to mess with Taylor Moton moving over again. It’s just a situation that continues to be a problem for Carolina, as it has been nearly the entirety of Cam Newton’s career. It’s a shame we’ve wasted the prime of a generational talent.

Defensive Hog Mollies

Yards per Carry: 3.2 Season: 4.2 (T-12th, NFL)

Yards per Play: 4.4 Season: 4.9 (8th, NFL)

Sacks given: 3 Season: 4 (T-19th, NFL)

Third down allowed %: 2 of 12, or 17% Season: 38% (14th, NFL)

Rating: 5 out of 5 Possessed Porcine Pulverizers

5 out of 5 hogs

By contrast... the Carolina Panthers defense was absolutely stifling on Thursday night with the exception of a few running plays that managed to break through. Pressure on Jameis Winston was relentless, resulting in a handful of sacks, numerous pressures and hits, and a safety. Brian Burns continues to prove why he was worth a first round pick in this year’s draft, and will continue to get even better... but really, the entirety of the defensive line has been quite good.

If I have one complaint, it is that the Panthers seem to be shy about bringing a blitz, even though it looks like the defensive backs are holding their own. Still, they are generating ample pressure with three and four man rushes... I just think we could be doing even more to create turnover opportunities. Luke Kuechly almost had an interception, and it might have really swung things in our favor... but he did record seventeen(!) tackles and the safety.

Hog Molly of the Week: Dontari Poe

After a disappointing 2018 campaign, Dontari Poe has a lot to prove to his teammates and fans this year. So far, no single player has benefited more from the switch to multiple fronts than Poe. He’s been able to successfully eat those double teams, while still showing the ability to push the middle of the pocket backwards and make the quarterback uncomfortable. In this game, I have him credited with a couple busted runs, a sack, 3 tackles, 3 pressures, and 2 quarterback hits. A very nice performance from the big man.