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Panthers 23 Bears 13: The Panthers showed a lot of promise in their preseason win over the Bears

The Panthers defeated the Bears 23-13 in the 2019 preseason opener.

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The Panthers started the game in their usual fashion — a handoff up the middle for a small gain. Cameron Artis-Payne made a couple nice plays on the team’s opening drive, but it stalled out after Kyle Allen was sacked. The defense made up for the offense’s shortcomings by absolutely stifling the Bears offense. Rookie linebacker Brian Burns notched two sacks as the Panthers limited the Bears to -4 yards in their first three possessions.

The Panthers offense didn’t fare much better after Will Grier took over for Kyle Allen at quarterback, and the defense started giving up chunks of yards to the Bears. They followed that up by giving up the game’s first touchdown to let the Bears take a 7-6 lead. The Panthers’ struggles on offense continued and the defense gave up a few quality plays and allowed the Bears to tack on a field goal in the closing seconds of the first half — despite Ron Rivera’s attempt to ice the Bears’ kicker — to take a 10-6 lead.

The second half started out much better for Carolina as they forced the Bears to punt and Terry Godwin returned said punt 57 yards down the field to set the Panthers up with some sweet field position at the Chicago 22 yard line. After picking up a first down to set up first-and-goal, Grier found Elijah Holyfield in the flat, and Holyfield was able to punch it into the end zone for the score to give the Panthers a 13-10 lead after the extra point from Joey Slye. After another quality stop and good punt return from Godwin, the Panthers were able to move the ball down to the Chicago 11 yard line before stalling out and having to attempt a field goal. Sly was the man for the job, however, and the Panthers tacked on three more points to give themselves a 16-10 lead late in the third quarter.

Taylor Heinicke came into the game late in the third quarter and didn’t have a very good first drive as the Panthers went three-and-out and gave the ball right back to the Bears, who probably wish they didn’t have it as Marquis Haynes made his presence felt again with another sack. Haynes had a legitimately good game tonight and should see a lot more action this year as a solid rotational pass rusher. It’s hard to control the hype because it’s just the first preseason game, but Haynes showed a lot of promise tonight and gives the Panthers plenty of reasons to be happy about him being on the roster.

Heinicke’s second drive wasn’t much better as the Panthers went three-and-out again, this time from deep inside their own territory. He didn’t look that great tonight and is probably on the outside looking in for one of the two backup quarterback spots behind Cam Newton. The Bears took advantage of the good field position and drove down the field and set themselves up with first-and-goal, but failed to get the ball into the end zone and had to settle for a field goal to pull within three points at 16-13.

The Panthers took the ball back and ran a nice ball control, run-out-the-clock drive to keep the Bears’ offense off the field, and a late touchdown from Holyfield gave the Panthers a 23-13 lead and put the game to bed. After a hard-fought game from both sides, the Panthers managed to hold onto the win and start their preseason on a solid note.

It’s hard to really judge anything based on the first preseason game, but the Panthers looked good tonight and should feel confident moving forward that they are headed in the right direction. I liked most of what I saw from the defense and it appears that the switch to the 3-4 formation could be just what the doctor ordered for a marked improvement on that side of the ball for Carolina. Time will tell, however, but right now Panthers fans have a lot to be excited about.

What do you think, Panthers fans? Who stood out to you tonight? Share your thoughts with us!

Live updates

And that’s it, folks. The Panthers start the preseason 1-0 after a 23-13 win over the Bears.

TOUCHDOWN PANTHERS: Elijah Holyfield takes the rock and punches it into the end zone to put the game away for the Panthers. Slye’s extra point makes it 23-13 Carolina.

Reggie Bonnafon picks up a first down and the Panthers still have the ball at the two minute warning. 16-13 Panthers with two minutes left.

There are three minutes left and the Panthers still have the ball. Is it happening?

The Panthers picked up their first first down with Heinicke at quarterback. It would be nice if they could drain the last six minutes off the clock so we can all go to bed.

The Bears fail to take advantage of first-and-goal and have to settle for three points. The Panthers are still holding on to a lead, though it’s now just three. 16-13, Carolina.

The Bears are driving and are in the red zone. The Panthers defense is clinging to their six point lead at the moment.

Lorenzo Doss is questionable to return with a rib injury. Because this is the first preseason game I’m pretty sure his night is done.

Aaaand they go three-and-out and have to punt again.

The Panthers start this drive deep in their own territory after forcing the Bears to punt.

Marquis Haynes gets another sack. I’m trying as hard as I can to not get hyped about this dude.

Well... he didn’t too that great y’all. A quick three-and-out will give the Bears the football back.

Taylor Heinicke is now in at quarterback. Let’s see how he does.

Rashad Ross is in to return the punt and give Godwin some competition, and he also picks up a decent chunk of yards. Who would have thought that punt returner would be as intense of a competition as it is right now?

Lorenzo Doss is shaken up after being hit by his teammate on a bang-bang play, but he’s up and walking off the field under his own power. The defense forces yet another punt.

It’s the first preseason game, but Marquis Haynes has looked much better in the 3-4 defense tonight. That would be a huge benefit for the Panthers.

The Bears gain a lot of yards with a pass play over the middle and then give five of them back with a false start penalty. We’ll take a few more of those, please.

There are like 87 flags on the field to tell us that the Bears committed a holding penalty and now face 1st and 20.

Slye adds a field goal to give the Panthers a 16-10 lead after Carolina is unable to punch it into the end zone from the Chicago 11 yard line.

Thank you, Mick Mixon, for reminding us that Graham Gano is still on the team.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned tonight is that you prounounce the E at the end of Andre Levrone’s name. It’s Leh-vron-ee. Interesting.

Will Grier channels his inner Cam Newton and scrambles for a nice gain and a first down.

The Panthers tried a reverse to Jaydon Mickens and it didn’t work out very well.

Terry Godwin is having himself a nice evening returning punts. Just rattled off a 22-yarder there. That’s how you make the 53-man roster, my man.

And the ruling goes in the Panthers’ favor. No pass interference on Cole Luke, and the Bears have to punt on 4th and 2.

Uh oh, we have our first challenge of defensive pass interference. The Bears are challenging that Cole Luke committed interference. Let’s see how this turns out.

TOUCHDOWN PANTHERS! The Will Grier to Elijah Holyfield connection is alive and well, folks. The XP is good and the Panthers now have a 13-10 lead.

Godwin’s return was for 57 yards. That’s a lot imo.

Hey, Terry Godwin with a sweet return that gives the Panthers excellent field position. No flags on the play too, which is nice.

Carolina forces a punt, so that’s good.

The Panthers start the second half on defense, and Damian Parms almost comes away with a nice interception. It just wasn’t meant to be.

It didn’t work as Elliott Fry is above silly head games. Bears lead 10-6 at the half.

LOL Ron just iced the kicker in the first half of the first preseason game. Love the heady play there, Ron.

Ron Rivera’s chest is not only ample... it’s also plentiful. Thank you, Mick Mixon.

Jason Vander Laan draws the pass interference call to give the Panthers a first down, but the Bears sacked Grier on the very next play. No bueno.

The Bears just missed a long field goal and Cam Newton celebrated with a nice little jig on the sideline. [insert that’s my quarterback gif here]

Ian Thomas officially has a ‘rib contusion’ and is questionable to return according to Caroline Cann. Hopefully they keep him out as a precaution since this game means nothing to someone who already has a spot on the roster.

Rashaan Gaulden was down on a knee and talking to trainers, but he gets up and walks off under his own power. Hopefully he’s okay.

Efe Obada jumps offside... little too eager to introduce himself to the quarterback, there.

Grier looks to be pressing just a bit tonight. It’s understandable since it’s his NFL debut and he wants to make a good impression. Needs to tone it down a smidge, though.

Aaand Grier throws an interception. Good thing this game doesn’t count, y’all.

The world’s biggest open secret Reggie Bonnafon makes a nice catch and run to pick up a first down. He probably could have scored if he didn’t step out of bounds, though.

And they scored. That was not a good series by the defense. The Bears now lead 7-6.

The Bears now have first and goal. This could be going better tbh.

The Bears are now in the red zone after a few good plays against the Panthers’ defense. Boo.

Aaaand there’s a fumble recovered by Chicago. Holyfield with the butterfingers.

Will Grier is in at quarterback. Let’s see what he can do.

The defense just scored a touchdown but it’s probably going to be ruled an incomplete pass... but hey, they forced a punt so that’s good isn’t it?

Hey! There’s a sack from Brian Burns! He’s showing off some quality moves tonight.

How about this Joey Slye fella? Absolutely drilled a 55 yard field goal.

Panthers defense is looking really stout.

Panthers end up settling for a field goal from Joey Slye. Talk about a name.

Riverboat Ron making an early appearance. The Panthers go for it on 4th and short and pick it up.

Panthers drive eventually stalls out, but a good Palardy punt pins the Bears deep and the Panthers force a three and out.

Cameron Artis-Payne getting worked early. A decent run followed by a good run after catch on a dump off.

The Panthers are in Chicago to take on the Bears with kickoff set for 8 p.m. ET. Stay tuned for live in-game updates! Also, feel free to check out the Keep Sounding LIVE broadcast during the game.


It’s finally here, y’all! The Panthers are playing in a real football game tonight. Well, it’s not exactly a ‘real’ football game since the starters either won’t play at all or will see limited action, but it’s a football game against an opponent with officials and everything! Are you excited yet?! Preseason football is here, bay-bay!

In case you haven’t heard, the Panthers are in Chicago to face the Bears in the preseason opener. Hopefully the first team offense and defense get some quality reps in and no one gets hurt. I’m also hoping to see some good reps from the guys fighting to make the roster since iron sharpens iron, or something like that. Anyway, on to the details for tonight’s game.

Game day information

What: Carolina Panthers at Chicago Bears
When: Thursday, August 8 at 8 p.m. ET
Where: Soldier Field (Chicago, Ill.)
TV: Panthers TV; Mick Mixon, Mike Rucker | NFL Network (replay 8/10 at 11 a.m. ET)
Radio: 1110 AM WBT (local)
Stream: Panthers mobile app,, NFL Game Pass
Weather: 63° / Clear / 10 mph NNW wind / 0% rain (Complete forecast)

Miscellaneous information

Online streaming

If you don’t live in the Panthers television market, you can stream all NFL preseason and regular season games on demand if you purchase NFL Game Pass. It’s a little pricey at $99, but it also includes access to All-22 film. If you’re just desperate to watch the Panthers game there is a seven day free trial, but sign up at your own risk if you’re one of those people who forgets to cancel before the free trial is over.

*Note: You cannot watch regular season games live with this option. You have to wait until after the games are over before you can stream them. You can find more information here.

TV replays

NFL Network will air condensed replays of every preseason game throughout the week. To see when the Panthers’ game will be replayed, you can check NFL Network’s preseason schedule for more information.

Roaring Riot watch parties

If you’re unable to watch the game via live tv or streaming, or if you prefer to watch in the company of fellow Panthers fans, check out the Roaring Riot to see if there is a watch party in your area. Membership is not required to get in the door, but if you’re interested in purchasing a membership you can find all the information you need here.


The Panthers will wear white jerseys for this game.


If you’re into that sort of thing, you can find info on NFL game odds by clicking here.

Panthers 2019 preseason schedule

Week 1: at Chicago Bears; Thu, Aug 8, 8 p.m. ET
Week 2: vs Buffalo Bills; Fri, Aug 16, 7 p.m. ET
Week 3: at New England Patriots; Thu, Aug 22, 7:30 p.m. ET
Week 4: vs Pittsburgh Steelers; Thu, Aug 29, 7 p.m. ET