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2019 Carolina Panthers roster cuts tracker

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Keep up with the Panthers roster cuts as they happen live.

UPDATE: The Panthers have cut their roster down to 53 players, but the final roster is considered a fluid situation as teams will watch the waiver wire to make more potential moves. The Panthers can begin forming their practice squad after 1 p.m. ET on Sunday, September 1. Below is the initial list of roster cuts, and please note that if a player is not on this list it doesn’t guarantee they will make the final 53-man roster. It just means they’re on it for the time being.

2019 Panthers roster cuts

WR Terry Godwin
DE Bryan Cox, Jr.
LB Jared Norris
S Cole Luke
G Rishard Cook
S Corrion Ballard
TE Temarrick Hemingway
DE Bijhon Jackson
S Quin Blanding
WR DeAndrew White
CB Josh Thornton
TE Marcus Baugh
LB Sione Teuhema
G Kofi Amichia (waived/injured)
S Damian Parms (waived/injured)
K Graham Gano (IR)
OL Kitt O’Brien (IR)
LB Brandon Bell
DT Woodrow Hamilton
G Taylor Hearn
CB Ryan Pulley
WR Rashad Ross
LB Antwione Williams
WR Damion Jeanpiere
LS Andew DePaola
WR Aldrick Robinson
RB Cameron Artis-Payne
OL Parker Collins
WR Andre Levrone
TE Cole Hunt
C John Yarbrough
OL Tyler Catalina
TE Jason Vander Laan
CB Lorenzo Doss
CB Corn Elder
QB Taylor Heinicke
WR Jaydon Mickens

The Carolina Panthers are required by the NFL to have 53 players on their active roster by 4 p.m. ET on Saturday, August 31.

The Panthers currently have 90 players on their roster, so they have to cut 37 players by the deadline. We have a pretty good idea on the majority of players who will be cut, but there are always surprises when it comes to the 53-man roster, so be sure to stay tuned to all the updates to find out who makes the 2019 Panthers roster.

Panthers roster cuts tracker

Below you can follow along with the Panthers’ roster cuts as they happen live.

Practice squad

Beginning Sunday, September 1 at 1 p.m. ET, teams can select up to 10 players for their practice squad.

Here’s more on which players are eligible for the practice sqauad from our friends at Cincy Jungle:

Not all players are eligible for a practice squad, especially if they’ve been in the NFL for several years and/or played in a number of games. In 2016, the NFL adopted a modification to the practice squad rules that allows up to four players per practice squad to have two accrued seasons, making it easier for teams to have experienced players on their practice squad. In the previous agreement, only two players with two accrued seasons were allowed to be on a practice squad.

Other than those four players, eligibility is limited to players who have been on an active roster for fewer than six games, or were on a 46-man active gameday roster for fewer than nine games.

A player is allowed on the practice squad for up to two years, with one year counting as six weeks in a season. A third year on the practice squad is only allowed if the team keeps 53 players on their active roster at all times (which every team does).