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Keep Sounding: Does the preseason matter?

We review the egg the Panthers laid against the Patriots and look ahead to the start of the season.

I don’t know if you saw, but the Carolina Panthers played a what some may call a football game against the New England Patriots last week. It didn’t count, which coupled with the inability of the Panthers to do good football things, made it about as un-entertaining as a football game can be.

In that game, Cam Newton sprained his foot (or ankle, depending on who you follow). That matters. Everything else, ehhhh? We talk about Cam’s injury and whether or not he should’ve played in the first place. Aside from the injury, we discuss anything else we saw in the first three weeks of the preseason that might matter going forward.

Looking ahead to Week 4, we predict who will seize the final few roster spots and, on that topic, which players have something to play for in the preseason finale.

We also talk about other news around the NFL, including Andrew Luck’s shocking retirement and the parallel between his and Cam Newton’s career.