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Kawann Short and Gerald McCoy are set to wreak havoc on the front lines

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Kawann Short has been a productive player for much of his time with the Carolina Panthers, but he finally has a running mate that can bring the interior to an elite level.

NFL: Carolina Panthers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

Some things are just meant to go together. After all, what is macaroni without cheese? Burgers without fries? Cookies without milk? They’re all good, but not great. The same could be said about the defensive interior for the Carolina Panthers. There have been moments of greatness, and overall it has mostly been good, but it has never been Kawann Short and Gerald McCoy good. This is like... first time soaking an Oreo in a glass of whole milk good that we are hopefully about to experience.

The term “iron sharpens iron” is very often used in sports, and this is one of those times where it applies the most. The result of pairing these two premier interior defensive lineman can only elevate the game of both, and it gets even better when you factor that Dontari Poe and Kyle Love can be rotated in at will to keep all parties fresh. Opposing offensive lines will have to make a hard choice on who to leave alone versus double, and there is really no good answer. Someone is going to have a chance to make a play one on one each time.

Furthermore, adding Brian Burns and Christian Miller through the draft, and Bruce Irvin through free agency, only throws more names into the pot of people that offensive coordinators are somehow going to have to account for every down. The commitment to improving the pass rush that the team talked about heading into the offseason is beyond what many fans expected, and it will need to live up to billing if Ron Rivera and others want to keep their jobs.

There is a lot of reason for optimism going into this year after the dismal end to 2018. McCoy has never run with a guy like Kawann Short, of for that matter, a front seven of the caliber that the Panthers can provide. He also has the added motivation of a incentive-laden contract, and the ability to revenge game the hell out of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at least twice next season. After all, they pushed him out the door and insulted him by immediately handing his number over to dirty-baller Ndamukong Suh.

The Buccaneers loss is our gain however, as we will reap the benefits of their historically bad decision making once again, and add perennial pro-bowler to our corps on a sweetheart deal. From all of us at CSR, I say welcome Gerald McCoy! May your reception be warm, and you revenge be bone-chillingly cold.