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Carolina Panthers sign Will Grier, Christian Miller, Jordan Scarlett, Dennis Daley and Terry Godwin to rookie contracts

Brian Burns and Greg Little are the only two rookies yet to sign.

The Carolina Panthers have signed five of their seven draft picks and their entire undrafted free agent class to their rookie contracts, according to a report from Jourdan Rodrigue.

This leaves first round pick Brian Burns and second round pick Greg Little as the only two players yet to sign, but do not fear Panthers fans — this is totally normal and there’s no need to panic. Both players are expected to participate in rookie minicamp this weekend.

It has been reported that Grier signed a contract worth $3.852 million, which sounds accurate given his third round pick status.

It’s not uncommon for first (and even second) round picks to take longer to sign their rookie deals. Even though the amount of money involved is set by the league’s collective bargaining agreement, there are other details to be negotiated for a first round pick’s contract that can occasionally take a few weeks (or even months) to hammer out. So, unless Burns and Little remain unsigned by the time training camp starts, there’s absolutely no need to be concerned. The deals will get done in due time.

Stay tuned to CSR for updates as we will provide the monetary information on these rookie contracts when it becomes available, as well as the news of Burns and Little signing their deals when that takes place.