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Terry Godwin could be a diamond in the rough at wide receiver for the Carolina Panthers

The Panthers selected the former Bulldogs wide receiver in the seventh round.

SEC Championship - Auburn v Georgia Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Carolina Panthers fans wanted the Panthers to add depth at wide receiver in the draft and they did just that. Albeit probably a little later in the draft than they wanted.

Terry Godwin is a fluid receiver with soft hands and the ability to create yards after the catch. On the flip side Godwin just doesn’t flash as elite in an one area. He’s not as fast as you would like (4.55 forty), not as strong as needed (skipped bench press at combine) nor is he disciplined in his route running. Yet he is a gamer, a guy who can make the big catch just when you need it.

I also see a very tough runner after the catch. When I watch this highlight video (skip the first segment) I see some nice sideline catches and a lot of crossing routes but in all cases I see a receiver that is always fighting for that last yard. Godwin’s highlights include several plays where he takes a big shot, or shakes off sure tackles to extend the play. In fact I think that is a theme between both late round skill positions picks, referring to the selection of running back Jordan Scarlett. They are both tough runners that are hard to bring down. Looking back to the 2018 NFL draft D.J. Moore fits this profile as well. I think we can mark down ‘tough runner’ as a general trait the Panthers look for in draft prospects.

NFL Comparable: Corey ‘Philly’ Brown

That comparison comes from and was not limited to picking former Panthers, I don’t think anyway. It might be a good comparison. Let’s hope he is more like Philly Brown instead of Corey Brown lol. That’s an old Ron Rivera joke that I couldn’t find in quick fashion but it was something like this after Brown had a horrible game after changing his name from Philly to Corey. “Philly Brown is an NFL player. Corey Brown is a nice young man.”

Fun Fact: Philly Brown led the Panthers in receiving yards (80) in the 2015 Super Bowl.


Best trait – COD Skills

Worst trait – Functional Strength

Best film – Alabama (2017)

Worst film – LSU (2018)

Red flags – Size/durability

Terry Godwin has the short area quickness to be a mismatch in the slot at the NFL level, but his general stature and lack of explosive long speed do temper his ceiling and make him a more difficult projection to a high snap volume. Godwin runs great routes, but what does his durability look like in the wear and tear of NFL life? Godwin tried to add size at the NFL Combine and seemed to lose some long speed in the process. A late round target for team needing slot depth.

Round grade - Fifth round

Where he fits

Godwin reflects the big shift in what Panthers general manager Marty Hurney covets in wide receivers over former general manager Dave Gettleman: speed and good hands over size and strength. So I completely agree with the slotting of Godwin as a slot receiver (pun intended). Even casual fans see this.


Godwin was a productive four-year player, playing in 54 games and making 36 starts, with 134 catches for 1,800 yards and 11 touchdowns, along with 11 carries for 51 yards and a touchdown, a 44-yard touchdown pass, and a 43-yard kick return for a touchdown.

Dawgs247 Projection: 6th Round

With Devin Funchess now with the Indianapolis Colts, the Carolina Panthers could grab the sure-handed Godwin with the No. 187 overall selection. Instead of taking tall wideouts with inconsistent hands like Funchess and Kelvin Benjamin like former general manager Dave Gettleman, the current regime has taken deep-threat Curtis Samuel and tackle breaking DJ Moore. Godwin would fit right in with that group.

Most of Godwin’s draft evaluations and his highlights point to slot receiver. He will have a hard time making the Panthers roster this fall as the Panthers have a lot of depth. It’s a major reason why I didn’t see the need to draft a wide receiver as many of other fans. The Panthers currently four players that should be locks to make the roster: D.J. Moore, Curtis Samuel, Chris Hogan, and Jarius Wright. Certainly Torry Smith and newly signed Aldrick Robinson are front runners for the fifth and possibly sixth wide receiver spots. I will say though the last three I listed could very well be beat out.

Surprising fact: Here’s an evaluation saying Godwin has a high Football IQ, something that is very rare coming from UGA. Add ‘knows how to overcome adversity’ to his resume.