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Carolina Panthers 2019 rookie class gets their numbers

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The most important part of this news is that Amini Silatolu’s jersey has officially been given away.

NFL: NFL Draft Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

This afternoon, the Carolina Panthers 2019 NFL Draft class was issued their numbers, and personally I am thrilled to see that number 65 was given away.

For those not making the connection, much maligned offensive guard Amini Silatolu used to wear number 65. It now belongs to Dennis Daley, the new offensive lineman out of South Carolina, who can hopefully freshen up the smell of that number a bit.

There aren’t any historical comparisons to be drawn from this list, nobody took the numbers of any of the franchise greats. Other than the Amini era drawing to a close, it looks like Will Grier has accepted the honorary badge of backup quarterback honor from Derek Anderson. edge rushers Brian Burns and Christian Miller have both selected linebacker numbers, further signaling that we will see a lot more three man fronts next season.

I don’t get super sentimental over jersey numbers, but I’m glad no one took 58, 89, or 90. What about you Panthers fans?