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Keep Sounding: Live podcast during the first round

We recorded a show during the draft, here it is to listen to in podcast form.

Jon, Brad, Brian, and Billy come to you live during the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft. The show starts around the time the Steelers traded up to select Devin Bush tenth overall. We spend the time leading up to the Panthers picks making fun of the Raiders for taking Clelin Ferrell fourth overall and the Giants for picking Daniel Jones sixth overall. The Panthers pick is met with much pomp and circumstance and other stuff. Brian gets excited. Jon gets mad at Brian. It’s a whole thing.

We share our thoughts on the pick and how he fits with the Carolina Panthers going forward. We talk about the pick for awhile with some other draft talk interspersed throughout. Most of it involves making fun of other NFL general managers. I mean, come on guys. The draft shouldn’t be this hard.

We refer to comments people left in the YouTube chat at times. I think we answered with enough context so you won’t be lost listening to this after the fact.