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Brian Burns talks about being drafted No. 16 overall by the Carolina Panthers

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The Panthers’ media spoke to Carolina’s newest player about being selected in the first round of the NFL Draft.

The Panthers’ media spoke to edge rusher Brian Burns shortly after he was drafted and he had a lot of quality quotes. Below is a collection of the best ones.

Proof that he’s ‘our guy’

On his playing time at Florida State

On who he compares himself to in the NFL

On his strengths as a pass rusher

On when he first thought coming to Carolina was possible

On whether or not he will fit with the Panthers

On how he feels about being in Carolina

On how he will celebrate being drafted

Three miscellaneous notes

  1. Burns’ nickname at Florida State was Spiderman. He’s worth the No. 16 pick for that reason alone in my opinion.
  2. His socks were on point y’all. Seriously.
  3. Burns is the younger brother of Stanley McClover, who was drafted by the Panthers in the seventh round of the 2006 NFL Draft and was with Carolina for two seasons. He appeared in 13 games during that span.