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The world’s 30 best cats, ranked

This is your one official ranking of cats across the globe.

Everyone loves cats, even if some people don’t realize they do. Here at Cat Scratch Reader we felt it was necessary to share our love for cats by providing the definitive ranking of the 30 best cats in the world. I’m sure this isn’t the only ranking of cats that has ever found its way on the internet, but I am confident that this is the only correct ranking you’ll see.

To that end, here are the world’s 30 best cats, ranked.

30. Nermal

Nobody likes Nermal. Nobody.

29. Gumball Watterson

I’ll be honest: He’s only here to fill out the list. The Amazing World of Gumball is lame, and if you watch it you should make better choices.

28. Grumpy Cat

Oooh... you’re grumpy all the time. Aren’t you just edgy? We’re all grumpy, it’s called being an adult.

27. Lil Bub

He’s cute, I can’t lie.

26. Heathcliff

An old school comic strip cat who you probably don’t remember unless you’re over 30. Regardless, Heathcliff was cool back in the day and deserves a spot on this list.

25. Mr. Bigglesworth

Ahh, Dr. Evil’s hairless feline, Mr. Bigglesworth. He doesn’t really do much unless you subscribe to the theory that he’s the brains behind the Dr. Evil empire, which isn’t too far-fetched of a theory to be honest.

24. Felix

Felix has been around since 1919 (That’s 100 years, y’all!). Kind of amazing when you think about it. Points for longevity.

23. Sockington

The cat has a Twitter account for cryin’ out loud!

22. Figaro

Be honest: Did you know who Figaro was before you read this next sentence? Figaro is the cat from Pinocchio. Did you know that? He’s mostly forgettable, but he’s still memorable enough to make the cut.

21. Azrael

Ahh, Gargamel’s sidekick. There’s not much you can say about Azrael, other than the fact that he’s not Gargamel.

20. Tony the Tiger

He’s grreat!

19. Puss in Boots

He only ranks this high because of his appearance in Shrek. Otherwise, it’s a no from me dog (err... cat?).

18. Hello Kitty

If you have a young child there’s a chance you’re quite familiar with Hello Kitty. It seems like it’s all over the dang place.

17. Mr. Mistoffelees

From 1997 until 2006, Cats was the longest-running show on Broadway. Mr. Mistoffelees is the main reason why.

16. The Pink Panther

He’s a terrible detective, but a great cat. He also has an amazing theme song.

15. Snagglepuss

Heavens to Murgatroyd! Exit, stage left!

14. Morris

He has been the brand spokescat for 9 Lives cat food since 1968. That’s a long time. Hopefully Morris can retire soon.

13. M.A.D. Cat

Now this is what I call a true villainous cat! He’s the real brains behind the operation. Dr. Claw just takes all the credit for everything.

12. Chester Cheetah

He tries a bit too hard to be cool, but Cheetos are amazing so he gets a little more leeway than he probably should.

11a. Nala

The future queen of Pride Rock and one of the underrated characters from The Lion King.

11b. Simba

Yeah, yeah... I cheated and used two cats for No. 11. So sue me. Both Simba and Nala are cool, okay?

10. Keyboard Cat

An old school meme that everyone has heard of, even your grandparents who just recently figured out how Facebook works.

9. Tigger

Tigger is always full throttle, but other than Winnie the Pooh, Tigger is the most tolerable of characters from the classic series.

8. Cheshire Cat

Can you really trust the Cheshire Cat? Probably not, but honestly can you trust any cat?

7. Sylvester

Not gonna lie: I always rooted for Sylvester to catch Tweety Bird. I always felt like Tweety Bird deserved it sometimes, ya know?

6. Stimpy

I can generally tell if I’m going to like you or not based on your answer to the question ‘Do you like Ren & Stimpy?’ It’s never led me astray.

5a. Mufasa

He’s the king, so of course he gets on the list.

5b. Scar

I don’t care if he’s the ‘bad guy’, Scar is the coolest cat in The Lion King. And yeah, I did the whole ‘two cats for the price of one’ thing again. It’s not my fault The Lion King has so many cool cats in it, okay?

4. Sir Purr

This is a Panthers site. He kinda makes the list by default. He is cool, though.

3. Garfield

Everyone’s favorite lasagna-loving cat comes in at No. 3 on the list, and there’s a strong case for him to be No. 2 if we’re being honest.

2. Tom

Potential hot take ahead: Tom is the victim of the Tom and Jerry cartoons, not Jerry. Nothing can be said to convince me otherwise. Tom is just a cat who’s trying to lounge around the house instead of being subjected to the hijinks of a mouse that won’t leave him alone. #TeamTom

1. Hobbes

Hobbes is unquestionably the No. 1 cat of all time. I will not hear any arguments to the contrary.

There you have it, folks. The definitive list of the top 30 cats. What parts do you agree with or disagree with? Let’s hear what you have to say!