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Cam Newton has a lot to say on his new YouTube channel

Check out his engaging new effort to communicate with his fans

Carolina Panthers v New Orleans Saints Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Cam Newton has launched a new YouTube channel in an effort to more directly engage with his fans. So far, that effort has yielded a mountain of information about the Carolina Panthers quarterback’s physical and mental status at the start of 2019.

His first real video is a bit of a long one, coming in at 10:34, but it worth your time if you are either a Cam Newton or a Carolina Panthers fan. The camera follows him into the hospital and as far as his recovery room for his recent shoulder surgery. It contains a treasure trove of details about his health and prognosis that have not been otherwise communicated by or to the team and media.

If the start of this channel is indicative of its future then we are all about to be exposed to a lot more Cam than we’ve seen in the past. It appears to be him unfiltered. We will see his personality, his style, or, as he would put it, his drip on full display. That is fantastic for an athlete who receives near-constant flak regardless of his performance or health. This is a space that he controls where he can say what he wants and be unapologetically himself.

He spends a significant amount of time in the video discussing his own outlook on 2019 and he is nothing but optimistic about his ability to return to playing football at a high level, if not better than ever. He wants to use this channel as an opportunity to engage with fans and keep us informed about his many plans both on and off the football field. The only things he doesn’t have time for are people who doubt him. In his words, “F*** everything that has been said that I don’t like.” Like I said, he is unapologetic. That makes this channel a must-watch.