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Panthers at Falcons: The Panthers are three point road underdogs

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The Panthers’ challenge is to remain focused after the sudden firing of head coach Ron Rivera.

NFL: New York Giants at Carolina Panthers Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

So how will the Carolina Panthers respond to Ron Rivera’s sudden canning? That is the question that needs to be answered. Many times teams play inspired ball in a show of support for the coaching staff. The homer in me likes to think that is how the Panthers will respond. I don’t know what I am basing that on. With the injury situation plus a new offensive coordinator I could see these Panthers folding on the road.

I’m not going anywhere near this game myself. If I had to make a pick I would take the Atlanta Falcons minus three. I also like the over as I can see both teams scoring over 25 points.

Getting back to the offensive coordinator situation, I am curious to see how Scott Turner executes a game plan this Sunday. Panthers owner David Tepper stated Turner is basically auditioning for a continued and likely bigger role on the team if he can get the offense to play better. That is something worth watching this weekend.

I also wonder how the discussion went down between David Tepper and Norv Turner. Tepper obviously is not happy with the offense, yet how could Turner disagree with stepping aside for his son? Still I wonder how you tell your offensive coordinator he is being replaced, but is welcome to stick around for some other role. Seems things might get awkward around the breakfast table.