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Cat Scratch Roundtable: What will be Kyle Allen’s superlative stat in Week 5?

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From touchdowns to turnovers, the wild wheel of backup quarterback shenanigans has to land somewhere.

Carolina Panthers v Houston Texans
Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

Kyle Allen’s debut whirlwind began with four touchdown passes in Week 2 against the Arizona Cardinals and spun right through three fumbles lost on sacks in a Week 3 skin-of-the-teeth win over the Houston Texans. Those kinds of highs and lows can be the make or break factor in games where the Carolina Panthers defense is as strong as it has been. The Cat Scratch Reader staff have offered up their predictions for what Allen’s highest high or lowest low will be this week in an effort to help you predict the outcome of the Panthers Week 5 matchup with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Will he impress us with rushing touchdowns or take one too many sacks? Read on to find out what we think:

Bradley Smith, Managing Editor: Allen’s superlative stat this week will be rushing touchdowns. He will score three of them, and his transformation into Cam Newton’s replacement will be almost complete.

Editor’s note: Just because you can hear the ol’ Emperor here cackling in the background doesn’t mean anybody actually believes that Allen is going to permanently replace Newton, let alone fill his running shoes.

Evan Leekley, Contributor: Given the state of the offensive line right now, Allen’s statistical outlier this week will be 8 surrendered sacks.

Daniel Belton, Contributor: Allen will have a ho-hum game throwing the football, but the Jags will key on CMC so much that Allen will have two rushing touchdowns on the day

Brian Beversluis, Social Media Czar: He is going to run for two touchdowns and there’s nothing Jon (DeLong) can do to stop it.

Jonathan DeLong, Editor: He’ll follow up his three fumble performance with a six sack performance on Sunday.