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Panthers 37 Buccaneers 26: The Hog Molly Report

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The Hog Molly report is ready following the Week 6 victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and the lines on both sides of the ball continue to have strong performances despite some key injuries.

NFL International Series-Carolina Panthers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the Hog Molly Report, where winning in the trenches is all that matters. Before we begin, we open with the reciting of our usual motto:

In keeping with the proven philosophy that building a team from the inside out is the best strategy for long term success, my goal will be to watch the hog mollies each game during the season and give them a grade based on their performance.

This week we will look at the Carolina Panthers impressive week six victory across the pond in London over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The defense continues to smolder in red hot fire and prop up a struggling offense, but the hog mollies on both sides are doing great. Let’s take a closer look inside the game film and see what we find.

Offensive Hog Mollies

Yards per Carry: 2.0 Season: 4.9 (T-7th, NFL)

Yards per Play: 4.4 Season: 5.5 (22nd, NFL)

QB Hits allowed: 4 Season: 29 (T-14th, NFL)

Sacks allowed: 2 Season: 16 (T-22nd, NFL)

Third downs converted: 3 of 15, or 20% Season: 34% (23rd, NFL)

Rating: 4 out of 5 Surprising Sausages

4 out of 5 hogs

The Carolina Panthers offensive line performed extremely well despite a meager yardage total of 268 on the day. Protection for Kyle Allen was other-worldly, particularly on the 99-yard touchdown drive which allowed him to execute it to perfection. Dennis Daley once again put forth a great effort at left tackle, helping keep Shaquil Barrett completely out of the sack column. If Cam Newton returns at full health to this kind of protection, he could put up some excessive numbers in very short order.

Here’s your pressure report:

Here’s your sack report:

Q2 11:59. 3rd & 4, CAR 31 - Pencil this one down as being on Kyle Allen. Protection was good, entire left side of the line opens up for him to step up, instead he stands still and Carl Nassib gets a hand on him to drag him down. This has been a problem in Allen’s four starts this year, as he has shown an unwillingness to work the pocket and step up. Should have been an easy first down, instead it becomes a punt.

Q2 1:07. 1st & 10, CAR 29 - Matt Paradis gets piledriven by Vita Vea back into Kyle Allen, he tries to toss him aside but there is no where for Allen to go, and no chance to get a throw off. Allen smartly tucks the ball away and goes down for the sack. Vae was too much for Paradis to handle one on one, and I think there is a good chance that the protection call was wrong. I think Greg Van Roten should have been assisting Paradis on the play, but no way to know if that was goofed or not.

Run blocking was an issue on Sunday, but that is probably two fold. The Buccaneers sold out big time to stop Christian McCaffrey, daring Kyle Allen to throw. The other factor is that a constantly shifting offensive line makeup creates problems in getting the timing of certain run plays right.

About as bottled up as it gets for Run CMC

The third factor is a lingering one, in that I have not seen any notable people moving ability from Greg Van Roten, or much from Matt Paradis. Both are doing mostly fine protecting the quarterback, which is definitely the bigger priority, but it’s hurting our ability to convert short down and distance.

Defensive Hog Mollies

Yards per Carry: 3.0 Season: 4.7 (T-22nd, NFL)

Yards per Play: 6.0 Season: 4.9 (6th, NFL)

Sacks given: 7 Season: 27 (1st, NFL)

Third down allowed %: 5 of 15, or 33% Season: 41% (19th, NFL)

Rating: 5 out of 5 Mauling Mollies

5 out of 5 hogs

What can I say about the Carolina Panthers defense that hasn’t already been said? They have been a dominant and opportunistic unit for the past four games, catapulting this team to victory on the strength of 23 sacks and 14 forced turnovers. They’ve provided incredible support to Kyle Allen in that he doesn’t have to do much besides take care of the football to win games. Now they get a well deserved rest before what might be the football equivalent of trench warfare with the San Francisco 49ers in week eight.

There are many individual accolades up front to talk about. Gerald McCoy had his most productive day as part of the Carolina Panthers, and was in full revenge game mode against his old team.. a pass deflection, 2.5 sacks, and 4 QB hits were sure to shiver the timbers of any Buccaneer fans watching. Brian Burns continued his defensive rookie of the year case, notching another sack and climbing to tenth in the entire NFL on the QB Hit list. Bruce Irvin caused a fumble and effectively notched an interception by putting a hit on Jameis Winston’s elbow as he threw. But the player of the day on defense was...

Just look at all those beautiful red dots.

Hog Molly of the Week: Vernon Butler Jr.

My oh my, we have been waiting a long time for this former first round pick to start panning out, but he is finally paying dividends as his playing time increases in the wake of Kawann Short being placed on season ending injured reserve. Butler had two sacks yesterday, on back to back plays, and forced a fumble on both of them. The second was recovered by the Panthers, and led to one of the better fat-guy celebrations you’ll see this year.

Keep on keeping on Vernon, you’ll need to keep this up for awhile to earn a nice contract next year.