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Panthers RT Daryl Williams will need surgery on right knee, per reports

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This is not good news.

Update: The Panthers are expected to place Williams on injured reserve.

Today’s news coming out of Charlotte is decidedly not good in regards to Panthers right tackle Daryl Williams’ condition after sustaining a knee injury in the season opener against the Cowboys on Sunday. According to multiple sources, Williams will require surgery.

Panthers head athletic trainer Ryan Vermillion has more on Williams’ condition:

“Daryl injured his right knee when a Cowboys player fell into the side of his knee. After evaluation, it is team physician Dr. Pat Connor’s recommendation that Daryl undergoes surgery to repair the injury.”

This is decidedly bad news, Panthers fans. When healthy, Williams is one of the better right tackles in the league, so losing a quality starter hurts no matter what position they play. However, losing Williams is worse for the Panthers’ long-term success in 2018 because his replacement is expected to be none other than Amini Silatolu.

You probably remember Silatolu’s impact in Sunday’s game against the Cowboys. In case you don’t, here’s a reminder:

4th Quarter 14:16 – Panthers 16, Cowboys 0. Panthers ball, extra point attempt

The Situation: Alex Armah’s touchdown to begin the fourth quarter should have put the Panthers up by three scores at 17-0, but then Amini happened.

The Play: Amini Silatolu lined up next to long snapper J.J. Jansen. As Jansen went to snap the ball, Silatolu stuck his foot right in the ball’s path, tipping the snap and botching the extra point. The Panthers now only led by two scores at 16-0.

-MickSmiley; 3 plays to love, 3 plays to hate

While we fully expect Ron Rivera to “go with what he knows” and give the starting right tackle job to Silatolu for “reasons”, the Panthers will probably have to sign an offensive lineman for depth. If that happens, we’ll provide the information whenever it becomes available.

As for now, if you’re into this sort of thing—say a prayer or two for Cam Newton.

He’s gonna need it.