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Cam Newton accepting a big Bo’ box from a fan and bringing it to the QB huddle is everything

The quarterback found himself a little hungry at the opening training camp practice in Spartanburg tonight, and a fan was happy to bring him a big box of delicious fried chicken.

The first night of training camp is often a lighthearted affair, but make no mistake, the players get pretty hungry having a dinnertime practice like this one. This was no problem at all for Cam Newton, who while slapping hands with some fans in attendance was cheerfully given a big tailgate box from Bojangles by one of the fans in attendance.

I know two things...

  1. If I’m Bojangles, I am playing this clip over and over on social media for at least the rest of training camp.
  2. It might be time for Bojangles to remake that classic commercial that featured Steve Smith and Jake Delhomme riding around in the General Lee and getting some chicken while ducking the law with a new cast of characters. Cam Newton and Devin Funchess perhaps? Luke Kuechly and Cam? You know Cam has to be a part of it.

In case you missed it way back in the day... here is the classic commercial in action. IT’S BO TIME!